60 Hateful & Intolerant Verses of Quran (Part-2)

Having gone through the 35 verses of Quran which could be considered barbaric as deliberated in Part-1 (https://articles.thecounterviews.com/articles/60-hateful-intolerant-verses-quran-part-1/) of this article, undermentioned are another 25 Quranic verses capable of inciting hate against the Polytheists and worshippers of the various gods in the form of idols. One must remember that Mohamed, whom Muslims call their prophet, hated worshiping of idols so much that he destroyed and defaced all 360-odd idols of Mecca himself along with his mercenaries. He and his later Caliphs are believed to have desecrated numerous temples destroying, defacing numerous idols in their times. Unfortunately, the intolerant faith founded by him is so hateful that they consider eliminating / killing the believers of other religions/faith, the polytheists and idol-worshippers as their legitimate right esp if asked by their Imams…as a form of Jihad. This is contrary to basic Human Rights in the world. All individuals have right to practice their own faith and religion. The undermentioned Quranic verses bear additional testimony to hate and intolerance against Polytheists and worshippers of Idols.

The readers are again cautioned not to go by the simple and moderated English translations of the undermentioned Quranic verses which have deliberately mellowed the tone and tenor of hate and incitement to avoid catching eyes of the law. However, the Arabic verses are extremely divisive although some have dual meanings too eg hateful if explained by the ultra-radical Imams and mild if explained to prove it non-intolerant. Islamic Jihad and terrorism are born out of these Quranic verses.

All above verses are only from Quran. There should be no doubt whatsoever in anyone’s mind that these 60 verses are hateful towards the believers of other faiths and religions. These hates and intolerances range from a mere discrimination; to intolerances of various grades…with intents to insult, disgrace or demean them for their belief (bigotry); compel them to convert (when they could be pardoned) or make them pay taxes (Jajya) for their safety in Islamic nations. Failing above, Muslims as per Quran, are entitled to commit atrocities, violence and terror against them to punish for following own faith (hence, commit religious terrorism against them). This should be unacceptable to any non-Islamic faith or the civilized world. It virtually incites the Muslims to become fascist what we are increasingly witnessing in the world in the recent years and decades (The New Islamo-Fascism in the world; https://articles.thecounterviews.com/articles/islamo-fascism-paris-jihadi-attack-macron-pakistan-turkey-malaysia-mahathir-muslims-islam-radical/).

A verse from Hadith which is such hateful...'There is no God but Allah'.

Another Islamic book, the Hadith which the Muslims consider equally religious or holy, is even more hateful. One such verse is quoted above that knowingly deneis existence of any Gof other than the Islamic Allah who is so intolerant to other Gods. The author wishes someone would have provided wisdom to Mohamed who created Quran that there were many Gods the world over before he imagined of Islamic Allah...something like the Vedic concept of "विश्वेदेवाः: (many Gods of the world).

Hadith advocates and justifies various types of atrocities on the followers of other religions. Their women could be abducted at will. Their places of worships could be vandelised. Their religions/faiths could be abused but they are prohibited from uttering a word against Islam lest they could be killed for blasphemy. It is unimaginable as how the world is tolerating all these in the modern times, especially in the non-Islamic nations. These verses put the non-Muslims at the odds. This is the reason why intolerance makes the believers of other faiths and religions disappear from the Islamic nations (Are Muslims countries unreceptive to other’s religious freedom? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2015/07/10/are-muslim-countries-really-unreceptive-to-religious-freedom/).

Presently Christians in the Middle-East & Africa and Hindu/Sikhs in Afghanistan/Pakistan/Bangladesh are facing genocide to which, the world is a mute spectator (Hate against Hindu, Hinduism and Hindutva; https://articles.thecounterviews.com/articles/hate-against-hindu-hinduism-hindutva/).

Many half-hearted litigations have been filed in the past, in several courts of justice with unfavourable and one-sided verdicts. Resolving Quranic hatred required a special approach. An appropriate step for non-Islamic nations will be to constitute an inter-religious committee of experts and scholars belonging to different faiths & religions. They must go through at least the above 60 verses of Quran and similar hateful and intolerant verses of Hadith; and decide if it is capable of radicalising an ordinary illiterate person, so as to cause discrimination, hate, intolerance or bigotry against the believers of other faiths. If yes, these verses must be amended. Islamic terrorism is causing enough hatred the world over. It cannot be permitted any longer. The UN Human Rights body must take it up to remove the hateful verses from Quran.

There is one more problem in the teachings of Quran… in that it places Islam above own nations. This is why people fight against their own govt, their own army in the name of Jihad. This makes Muslims often become traitors against own nations for the sake of religion. We saw it happening in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. This will be unacceptable in any non-Islamic nation. A suitable verse must be added in the Quran in those nations that places the motherland and the law of land above Islam and some of its barbaric teachings. "जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी”I

(Note : The author acknowledges that he doesn't have complete knowledge of Quran/Hadith. However, as each verse of Quran/Hadith are quoted/interpreted in isolation by all common Muslim men, it carries the precise meaning as understood. It is another thing that Islamic scholars will find ways and means to dilute the hatred/intolerant content of these verses by quoting some other verses from elsewhere.)

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