Agnes Collamard presenting Amnesty Report on Israel

Biased & Shameless Amnesty International (Part-1)

The author is deeply saddened and regrets using such obnoxious, uncivilised and abusive word against the Amnesty International bodies. Although the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) too is no innocent, but their eyes and ears are the Amnest International. Although it is unacceptable why UNHRC should accept the biased reports, their culpability is less. If they cannot ensure a uniform policy of reporting against the gross violators of the human rights the world over, they deserve to be removed from the job, and any of their recommendations should find a dustbin as a rightful place for keeping and preserving.

This particular article has been concieved and written following a glaringly partisan Amnesty Report made against Israel by Ms Agnes Collamard who had led her team in accordance with decision taken in #HRC48 meeting against Israel. She deliberately omitted any reference to the terrorist acts of Hamas that actually called for retaliatory actions by Israel. How could she be so absurd, partisan and biased? Let it be elaborated here…

Today who is the biggest violators of Human Rights? It is undoubtedly a select few of the likes of the Islamic World (on their religious minorities), China (in Tibet, Xinjiang and Hong Kong), USA (on their Black minorities) and the most inhuman bodies of Islamic Jihadists (causing the worst genocides and human sufferings all over the world).

There are a total of 57 Islamic countries 34 of which are demonic that have already committed genocides against their religious minorities but no credible investigation has been carried out against them, leave out taking action. China has been showing 2 fingers to the World Human Rights Council and Amnesty International but no credible investigation has been carried out against them leave out taking action. USA is slightly different in that they have been committing Rights Violations of their Black Minorities for centuries but they claim to be the champions of Human Rights. Last but not the least by any imagination, the Islamic Jihadists are committing the worst Rights Violations the world over…causing deaths, suffering, hunger, sexual violence and worst mental & spiritual atrocities in nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria and so on…and our esteemed Rights bodies are absolutely silent against them.

Part-1 : Rights Violations in Islamic Countries

All 57 Islamic nations have legitimized their acts which is a clear threat to the world peace. It is highly deplorable as to how the UN permitted the Cairo Declaration in 1990 to adopt an Organisation of Islamic Nations (OIC) resolution that is contradictory to the basic Human Rights charters. Undoubtedly, it is "manipulation and hypocrisy, designed to dilute, if not altogether eliminate “civil and political rights protected by international law" and attempts to "circumvent the principles of freedom and equality”. It is this approach through which the Islamic nations are trying to shield the culpabilities of 170-odd Jihadi groups incl Hezbollah and Hamas. There is no doubt that Islamic Nations are guilty of maltreatment of ethnic minorities within member countries, such as the oppression of the Kurds in Syria and Turkey, the Ahwaz & Parsis in Iran, the Hazaras & Sikh in Afghanistan, Hindu and Sikh in Pakistan & Bangladesh, Buddhists from Malaysia, Al-Akhdam in Yemen or the Berbers in Algeria. Besides, the crimes of non-state groups also must not go unpunished such as ISIS committing heinous crimes on the Yezidis, Boko Haram against school girls and so on.

Islamic Nations

The Cairo declaration was later replaced by their 18-member Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) of the Islamic States as an advisory body. However, tone & tenor were largely the same…self-guarding and inimical to their minorities. Of late, a commission report by British Secretary Jeremy Hunt has concluded that Christians have been subjected to religious persecution in the Middle-East, almost amounting to Genocide. However, this report is gathering dust for years now. This clearly shows the gross bias that the UNHRC have.

Christian Genocide in Middle-East

Similarly, there have been an ethnic cleansing in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh of all religious minorities for over 7 decades. In Pakistan the numbers of religious minorities have dwindled down from nearly 21% in 1951 to the present <4%. Out of which, Hindu have suffered the most. Every year, 1000s of Hindu, Christian, Sikh women are first abducted and raped and then forced to convert and married off to Muslim men of any ages. Religious minority group individuals esp Hindu and Christians are targetted the most for killing in broad daylight under Jihadist-supporting radical civilian & military govts. They seldom bring the criminals to justice. Hindu temples, Christian Churches and Sikh Gurudwaras are frequently vandalised or burnt but Pakistani Govt does not take action against the culprits. On the contrary, the govt is believed to be funding them and taking the services of the Jihadi organisations in committing genocides on own religious minorities as well as using them as instruments of terror against other nations.

Pakistan atrocities on religious minorities

There are numerous reports on it but the UN Human Rights Commission have failed to conduct any transparent investigation by an unbiased group. In fact, the 2022 Human Rights report failed to mention the numerous genocidal and rights violations acts of Jihadist groups in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In Pakistan alone, there are more than 40 Jihadi terror organisations committing atrocities against the religious minorities but the Amensty report 2022 has failed to name any other than ISIS-K. Amnesty report is highly untrustworthy. In the recent few months itself, scores of Hindu, Sikh, Christian women having met this fate have come to the light but there have been no action taken at all by the UNHRC. The same is the case in the Middle-East too. Jeremy Hunt’s report doesn’t seem to have the favours of Human Rights groups because it implicates Islamic nations.

Of the 170-odd world terror organisations, >40 are in Pakistan

One wonders how the religious minorities have vanished from the Islamic nations which can be considered the biggest of the rights violations amounting to Genocides. However, OIC being a very influential block, has seldom been subjected to a credible investigation by neutral agencies for Rights violations of ethnic & religious minorities, women & children in those nations. The Human Rights watch dogs have conveniently closed their eyes from the happenings. The ethnic black community have long been suffering discriminations in USA but not a single resolution has held them culpable. In the last 20 yrs or so, the Radical Islam has been carrying out gross rights violations in the name of religious ‘Jihad’ through 170-odd terrorist organisations but the world has remained largely mute. UN is yet to frame the definition of ‘terrorism’ because it does not suit the Islamic Block of the nations and their supporters.

The most glaring bias of the Human Rights panel have been in their highly partisan view when it comes to initiating actions against the Jihadi & Terror groups operating from Islamic nations. Most of them in Asia are acting either against Israel or India, besides feudal & sectarian violence against religious minorities in other Islamic nations. These are two solitary nations, the homelands of the religious groups of Jews & Indian Religions (of Hindu, Jains, Buddhist & Sikhs) against whom the radical Islam has been highly intolerant. The religious minorities of Indian religion have been largely wiped out from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh…the erstwhile parts of undivided India. It is actually most if not all Islamic nations who have been highly intolerant to their religious minorities and Human Rights bodies have been silent to their hostilities or indifference. Washington Post in their 10 July 2015 had published the inhuman treatment and disappearance of religious minorities from Islamic nations, elaborating at length how the rights of religious minorities are violated in the Muslim Countries of the world as shown opposite.

Muslim nations intolerance to religious minorities

UNHRC by its constituent bodies, have been over-represented proportionally by the Islamic nations who act and vote largely as a single block. This is the reason, Israel and India have been suffering the partisanship of the UNHRC for long. At any given time, Islamic nations form the largest bulk of the UNHR member states. At present, of the total 47, there are 17 Islamic nations in the UNHRC panel (shown below), the largest chunk of a religious block.

At almost every Human Rights conferences, Islamic nations behave as a single block in both voicing their concerns and voting. Hence, when it comes to taking action against religious persecution of Islamic radicals & terrorists, they unitedly stand together. In the present UNHRC, some of the worst violators of Human Rights are the members like China (violators of Tibetan Buddhists & Uighur Muslim, Hong Kong), Russia (Killers of political opponent), Pakistan (committing genocides of Baloch, Hindu, Christians, Sikh rights), Sudan, Somalia, Libya and some others. It is a huge challenge to the UNHR to act in a free and fair manner. If Islam could have a say in the matters of Human Rights, so should be other religions…esp those which do not have their own State Religions. It is notable that Islam is in 57 states, Christians in 16 and Buddhism in 4 nations. Hinduism, the 3rd largest religious group in the world has no state for the mix of the oldest (Hinduism) and newest (Sikhism) religions. It may be appropriate for the UNHCR to recommend India adopt a State of “Indian Religions” that do not find representation elsewhere. It will only be just for the apex body of the Human Rights to render voice to the voiceless and none should have an objection.

The UNHCR’s response to the rights abuses by the various military coup too is not uniform. There seem to be biases there too. While there was wide condemnation of the military takeover in Myanmar…military/Jihadi coups of many other nations like Afghanistan, Guinea, Mali, CAR, Ethiopia and Sudan hardly evoked a comparable response. This is appalling. It shows clear biases by the highest international agencies incl UNHCR.

The author again extends apology for the harsh abusive word used against the Wold Human Rights and Amnesty International bodies but it is strongly felt that they deserve it. Either they should have a standard SOP of investigating rights violations or they should let it be done by any other independent body. (To be continued).

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