Muslims raping British women

Britain of Rapist Muslims, Docile White Men; Hesitant Police and Helpless Ministers

(Disclaimer- Majority of Muslims the world-over are as peace-loving and religious as any other religious community. However, the radical groups among them are committing Love Jihad and terror. They consider unsuspecting white British women as timid, easily exploitable esp when their men don’t retaliate)

On 03 April 2023 during an interview with Sky News, British home secretary Suella Braverman asserted to crack down on Pakistani Muslim men in Britain claiming “They exploit children and young women they can manipulate, exploit and abuse. An inquiry in 2019 had found that since the 1970s, more than 1,000 children have been abused in Shropshire’s Telford. Crimes such as rape, sexual abuse, brainwashing, and drugging had “thrived unchecked” and that sexual exploitation of children still exists today, and is prevalent across the country as a whole”.

Muslim rapists in Britain

She further added, “We've seen institutions, social workers, state agencies, cops, and social workers turn a blind eye to this — out of political correctness and out of fear of being called racist. There are many perpetrators running wild and behaving in this way, and it is now time for authorities to track these perpetrators down without fear or favour and bring them to justice.”

It is pointless to mention that such expressions by British women have been aired in past too but their men have been showing docile intent towards the Islamist culprits, British police are hesitant and the govt trying to turn blind eyes to the serious problem brewing up for decades. The culprits have got their misgiving bolstered that white British men are cowards and will never react or retaliate. They have the blessings of their community, Mullahs & imams who feel proud of their acts and even if a small percentage of the exploited women fall prey to the ‘love jihad’, they convert some to marry them. The ‘love jihad’ in Islamic terms is known as “Jihad-al-Nikah” and “Jihad-ud-Dawa” of increasing Muslim population by converting women from other religions. Muslims invariably consider areas/states inhabited by non-Muslims (or Kafirs) are war zones and their Mullahs preach them for indulgence described above.

British society has been increasingly becoming vulnerable to several social and human erosions in recent decades, some even detrimental to its peaceful existence with coloured/black people. These erosions include their increasing irrelevance in the political world, increasing poverty, lawlessness and worst, a rapidly proliferating Muslim and Islamic community in the form of many Ghettos where they start dominating the others by numbers. Later they become a significant law and order problem, even preventing access to the police in their ghettos. In Britain, the number of Muslim ghettos is increasing at a rapid pace.

Love Jihad in Britain is on. On one hand, some good-looking Muslim girls are able to entice British males to marry them after they convert and on the other, Asian Muslims (esp Pakistani) are able to mislead many white British girls with drugs, sexually exploiting and then converting to marry them. It is a clear violation women's rights but most if not all Rights Activists are turning blind eye. Along with their uncontrolled proliferation in numbers (resembling cancer cells), comes the associated evils of Jihad and Fascism. The figure below shows the increasing size of Islamic Cancer in Britain in the last 10 yrs alone. Muslim rapists should be a matter of great worry for every Briton esp the women and the govt machinery. It is a known fact that many of those Muslim ghettos have become a headache for the police some often turning into ‘No Go’ zones.

Rapidly Proliferating Muslims ghettos in Britain
Muslims posing threats in some districts

Muslim ghettos in Birmingham, Bradford, East Ham, Blackburn, Bethnal, Ilford and Poplar & Limehouse have acquired worrisome proportion where they have multiplied beyond manageable percentage as shown below. In non-Muslim nations, there is a general perception that localities with Muslims <10% are cordial; 10-20% some show trends of radicalism; 20-30% overtly behave as radicals, intolerance towards other faiths; 30-40% terror preaching & breeding, planning, and executing starts; >40% they try to compel others to tow their line, convert or flee.

The 47 Islamic nations in the world stand testimony to a simple fact that where ever Muslim percentage has grown >40%, it has turned the nation to Islamic with Sharia law; and Cameroon/Ivory Cost/Guinea are burning example of it. Muslims have less affinity for nation they live, and more dedicated to the cause of Islam. Britons must be conversant with this hard fact during Iraq/Afghan invasions and afterwards. Anytime, any Islamic nation gives a call for Jihad, these radical men will reach there for fighting and girls will reach there for providing sexual satisfaction of the Jihadists. This is what Mohammad had preached in 7th century (read ‘Hate, intolerance, fascism, Bigotry of Islam’, and the generations of Muslims have been practicing it.

ISIS/Al-Qaida ideologies of Islam is highly hateful of Jesus Christ/mother Mary/Christians among some others as preached in Quran (read ’60 hateful and intolerant verses of Quran, parts 1 & 2’,; Their Afghan/Iraqi/Syrian refugee brethren have already told them that British Army was also part of the culprits who committed atrocities against Islam. They will be very keen to start Jihad against them in their own homeland. Asian-African Muslims are used to Jihadi activities/ sectarian violence for centuries and their Mullahs/Imams have special expertise in interpreting those 60 hateful verses in a manner that would incite them to Jihad in covert form against the British with Jihad-al-Jikah or Ud-Da’wa. Their secluded ghettos, mosques and Madrassas are perfect terror preaching / breeding grounds. Since most of them are from Pak, Afghan, Syria and Bangladesh, they are prone to being used by their home-grown 34-odd Jihadi outfits of Pakistan or over 175-odd Jihadi organisations in the world. Many of us may recall some of the posters surfaced in UK during the ‘BLM protests’ indicating ‘Rape Jihad’ of white women by the Muslims.

British Women protesting against Rape Jihad by Muslims

Asian Muslims living in Britain feel proud to claim they use the timid white British women like ‘Tissue Papers’ with ‘use & throw’ approach. With the type of numerical majorities in their dominant localities, it may not be surprising if they start their parallel Sharia Courts in Birmingham and Bradford. It is believed that British police is already hesitant in visiting these localities. We may witness vandalism of temples/churches in these localities as the community becomes more and more fascist (read “Islamo-Fascism in world” It is no secret that all Islamic nations have indulged in the genocides of their non-Muslims causing them to disappear (read ‘Are Muslim Countries really unreceptive to religious freedom?”;

Higher Muslim % a threat to any nation

The high proliferation of Muslims is like cancer on British soil. Of the <5% Muslim population in UK, their crime rate is >18% which is >400% more than the other communities. Localities having Muslim >30% shown in the table above, have little regard for laws.

The hooliganism, disregard for law & order and mob mentality of the British Muslims against other communities are inherent among these radicals. Muslims have been sexually exploiting British women for decades and the instances are increasing after their recent migration, proliferation and formation of ghettos. It is a matter of concern for ‘human/women rights’ in UK. Islamic cancer on British soil is there to stay. Who will know the pain of harbouring the demonic culture better than India which had to cut its own parts of medieval territories of Gandhar (Afghanistan), Sind (Pakistan) and Bengal due to unchecked/uncontrolled proliferation of Islamic Cancer on its soil? It is up to the British administration to choose whether they wish their women to be preyed upon by the radical rapists indulging in a form of Jihad (al-Nikah & ud-Da'wa) or take measures that may be perceived by pseudo-secularists as harsh. The Jihadists are devils. They have to be eliminated from your soil or they will eliminate you. It is up to the Britons whether they want to be corroded/eaten-up by the ever-proliferating Islamic cancer or get rid of them to have a peaceful existence.

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