Causes of Islamophobia

Factual Islamophobia in the World…

In the last one decade or so, there has been an increase in noise all over the world…“Islamophobia”… But one may just pause for a moment or two and ask oneself, is there really an Islamophobia gripping the world? Well you may have your own answer of yes, no or unsure…but this editor of the magazine has a clear answer ‘Yes’. But why has this all come about? Why the United Nations (UN) had to pass a resolution of growing Islamophobias? UN of course is a puppet of 57 Islamic nations, pursuing Islamic agenda. It will do what is asked. Let us examine the root causes of it and its repercussions over the world and global communities.

Islamic nations in the world

Some hard facts of Islam

Islam was imposed by Mohammed in the first half of 7th century because he hated the many contemporary Arabian Tribes and committed genocide on the same line that present day Islamists are indulging in…Ralive, Tsalive ya Galive on Kashmiri Pandits in 1990 or ‘Convert, Flee or Die’ on Yezidis in 2014. This genocidal intent is ingrained in Islam through their so-called holy book ‘Quran’ through 60 verses of hate, intolerance, bigotry and Fascism (read ‘Is Quran a source of hate and intolerance?’,; Islamic hate, Intolerance, Bigotry and Fascism, Clearly, Islamists all over the world are largely thriving on hate and intolerance although it is another matter that there are still numerous Muslims who are peace-loving and kind-hearted.

The worst character of Islam is its hate toward other religions, followers of other faiths and ideologies ( read ‘60 hateful & Intolerant verses of Quran’, These 60 demonic verses compel Muslims to be intolerant to those who don’t believe in their Allah, the followers of Christ, the Jews; and those who worship idols of any form. It may be pertinent to know that Muhammed himself destroyed hundreds of idols, killed the people who insisted with their beliefs and vandalised & destroyed many of their temples and shrines. One may recall that Mecca was a shrine of the Arabian tribes that Mohamed and his mercenaries vandalised hundreds of idolsand partly destroyed to convert into a mosque (read ‘Islam and the many Ayodhyas of the world’,

Islam could be termed as an excellent militant faith, like the warriors that asks its followers to expand supreme the supreme Islam, by whatever means, by trying to convince other to convert, give a threat to life or ask them to flee from the areas of their numeric dominance. This is the reason why Christians and all other faiths have been made to vanish from the Islamic nations. Very recently, British secretary Jeremy Hunt did a fact finding in the Middle-East nations and found that the atrocities committed by the Islamists amount to their Genocide (read ‘Persecution of Christians in Middle-East coming close to Genocide’; His report is gathering dust at the UNHRC.

Genocide of Christians in Middle-East

There are several other reports that distinctly bring out a fact that wherever Muslims gain numeric superiority, their intolerance to others make them vanish, the same as Convert, Flee or Die that we see happening elsewhere. There is a very clear picture of the ugly face of Islam towards other religions, a vivid account of which it is presented in a Washington Post article “Are Muslim countries really unreceptive to religious freedom” (

Religious intolerance of Islamic nations

Even in India, Islamic radicalism and persecution in their numerical dominant areas of J&K, Assam, Bengal, Kerala have started fear and apprehensions among other communities, esp Hindu and Christians. There have been increasing voice of Hindu and Christians of Muslims indulging in Love Jihad (read ‘Combating Love Jihad in India’,

Current Islamophobia in world and its Causes

Some readers may find it hard to believe that apprehensions and fears against Islam has been since its inception. Initially, the several disunited Arabian Tribes succumbed to Mohamed and his mercenary’s swords. Later the Islamic Caliphs committed genocide of the disunited Parsis and Hindus. In the last few decades, the disunited Christians and African tribes are facing Islamic atrocities and persecution…be it in Nigeria, Sudan, CAR, Egypt and several others. In our own neighborhood, Hindu, Sikh and Christians of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh have been perishing to Islamic swords, bullets and suicide bombers. Look within India itself. Whichever areas there are numerical dominance of Muslims, the radical Islamic groups take hold, with terrorist mindset, to the extent that even police hesitate to enter those ghettos. Hindus were divided lot when Islamists invaded India in the medieval period and Hindus remain divided even today for the Islamists to be able to threaten them in India itself.

It is but natural that those under threat do flee…some of which are highlighted by media, many go unreported. Hence, the Islamists have proven the world over that they cannot live peacefully with others. Wherever they are in substantial numbers (usually 9% being threshold), violence and terrorism starts. Whichever countries have Muslims more than 8-9%, they are at risk…be it France, Austria, Congo, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Russia, India…you name it.

Muslim population threshold for terrorism

Either the state law agencies have to be firm against the radicals or they create trouble. The table shows all such nations where Muslims have crossed the numerical threshold and become threat to the followers of other religions. It is noteworthy and a lesson for all that the moment their population exceed 30% or so, they force the nation to become Islamic…and then the persecution of other religions starts and they gradually vanish as stated above. Table opposite (refer confirms the argument. Hence, it is very legitimate for Hindus in India to ask…why world’s 3rd largest community, the 79% Hindus of India should have a Hindu nation (read भारत एक ‘हिन्दू-राष्ट्र’ : क्यों हो या क्यों न हो ? but look at the duplicity and hypocrisy of Indian as well as world Muslims…the moment Hindus talk of a Hindu Rashtra, they see it red, indulge in Hinduphobia (read Muslims of India Part-1, 2 & 3;;; Hence, there are very legitimate reason for the Hindus to have Islamophobia.

The intolerant and violent face of Islam duly supported by their holy books of Quran and Hadith give them an edge of threatening force to prevail over the others (read ‘Social Darwinism of Islam’ It is for this reason that many nations the world over are highly apprehensive of rapidly proliferating percentages of Muslims, about 150% of native religions; that is instilling their existential fear in the decades to come. In India itself, the proliferating cancer of Islam made it to cut its own body part that is known today as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh…the Islamic cancer proliferating to that extent. Many try to equate present day Islam with cancer, a disease that proliferates uncontrolled, defies body order, corrodes the part to engulf it and if not treated in the initial stage, needs to be removed by surgery. Hence, it is very reasonable to develop phobia against the Islamists when any religion or community may like to take a stand…”Don’t let Islamic cancer take root in your homeland” lest you will perish.

The behaviour of the Islamists are such that they induce phobia among others. Take the example of Indian Muslims. They became whang-ho with Taliban take-over of Afghanistan. You may also like to recall how world Muslim community were elated to ISIS call of Global Islamic Caliphate. Our previous generation have vivid memories of how Islamists committed Moplah genocide of Hindu in British India for a totally alien cause…the Caliphate of Islam in Turkey. In the recent times, Muslims of several European nations fought Jihad against own armies in Afghanistan and Iraq. Islamists have no remorse of committing Godhra though it is other matter that they faced retaliation through Gujrat violence. There are several such examples the world over where Islamic behaviour have been appalling, anti-people and anti-national. In fact, the existence of over 170 Jihadi and Islamic terrorist organisations in the world is a testimony to hate and intolerance of Islam. Why should there be no phobia against these hate-mongers?

>170 Jihadist and Islamic terrorist organisations in world

Islamic Delusions of Supremacy

Islam is the only religion that preaches hate against others (refer 60 hateful & Intolerant verses of Quran above). They believe their Allah is supreme in the world and whoever don’t accept this fact, should be killed. If you can, you may put on a skull-cap and listen to their Khutba, the Friday sermons. The Mullah will make it amply clear that the world belongs to Islam and anyone else (whom they call Kaffirs), should only live at their mercies, at the payment of life-fees, the Jajya.

Islamic Jihad is based on similar beliefs. They believe which ever kingdoms were under Islamic rulers, that should be returned to Islamists and for this, Jihad could be committed. They expect the world to support them to such delusional cause…and if not, they will commit 9/11…of terrorist attack on USA for the stupid cause of Palestine; read a troubled Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem; 26/11 for their delusion over Jammu & Kashmir. What if all religions and faiths take up a similar cause of taking their ruled kingdoms? Then the entire Islamic nationhood will be wiped out from the earth…Arabian tribes clearing their land free of Muslims, Parsis getting control of Iran, Hindu regaining Afghanistan-Pakistan-Bangladesh, Buddhist regaining Indonesia & Malaysia. These delusional approach of Islam and Islamic nations are causing a logical phobia.

The Way Ahead

The present Islamophobia the world over is a warning sign to the Islamists that their Islamist agenda, of Global Islamic Caliphate will never materialise. Islamists may increase own population in their nations but they will not be allowed to change the religious demography of non-Islamic nations to realise their flawed vision of Global Islamic Caliphate. If their radicalism doesn’t mend ways, there will be retaliation…like the one we see in India, Sri Lanka, France, New Zealand or elsewhere. If the Hindu, Sikhs, Christians are persecuted in Islamic nations, time may not be far that Muslims may find themselves insecure in non-Islamic nations. As far as India is concerned, Muslims have proliferated like cancer…that they are close to their percentage population of pre-partitioned India. This disease of Islam has to be treated with effective means, not by mere lip service (read ‘Islamic hate and Intolerance: Treat the disease not the symptoms’; have every legitimate right to ask Indian govt to ensure that the Muslims are not permitted to change the religious demography at their cost.

History teaches us that Islam was intolerant at its inception and remains intolerant even today. Hence, they may not mend their way unless compelled. They can be compelled in the following ways:-

  • All Non-Islamic nation must enact a law of preserving the religious demography of native population…for example Hindu-Jain-Buddhist-Sikh in India, Buddhist in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, Christians in France, Kenya, Uganda and so on.
  • Don’t let the % Muslims grow more than 9%. Above this threshold, they become indulgent in violence and Jihadi activities.
  • Number of wife and children to Muslim men must be limited in non-Islamic nations, may be through a uniform law for all.
  • Nations with large Muslim population must provide incentive for the peace-loving Muslims to convert to any of the native religions.
  • Islamic radicalism/terrorism must be crushed with all forces available to the state. This must be done on priority before retaliatory measures are adopted by the majority groups.
  • Screen out all Mullahs preaching Khutbas in all mosques. They must not be radicals. In a screening in France, large numbers of such Mullahs were found to be foreign nationals known to be radicals.
  • Declare India as a State of Indian Religion or Hindu Rashtra.

The above measures may seem to be Islamophobic…BUT…we must accept the reality of today, the increasing Islamic radicalism and Jihad, that must be confronted head-on…to be able to treat the disease not the symptoms.

There is no shame in acknowledging that there is increasing Islamophobia in the world owing to the Islam being a faith of hate and intolerance. Islamic hate to the believers of other religions and faith started from the days of Mohamed and continues even today. His approach towards others was “Convert, Flee or Die” in the 7th century and the Islamic approach towards others remain the same even today. No civilisation can accept such an insult to humanity esp in democratic nations. Islam has to change its course of Jihad against others lest the world will stand jointly to restrain them. Time may not be far when the Islamic radicals could carry out another 9/11. World must unite together through the UN, sooner than later to defeat the evil forces of Islam…but…will the sleeping tiger ever wake-up. Most probably not…not in the distant future too.

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