Quran burning in Sweden

Hey Sweden! OIC will Dictate UN/UNHRC; You can do Nothing

Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) is in the news again. They are dictating terms at the UN and the UNHRC because someone burnt a copy of their hate-preaching Islamic book in Sweden. This book demeans all other religions and faiths to which the OIC is ill-concerned of. This ‘hate & intolerance preaching Islamic book’ is violating the fundamental rights of all non-Muslims in all secular and democratic nations to which the OIC gives a damn. The entire radicalism of Islam is based on this book threatening the world humanity. The hate, intolerance, bigotry and fascism originating from this book esp after Al-Baghdadi’s call for Global Islamic Caliphate has been creating inter-religious enmity with Islam in the entire world BUT OIC appears aloof of it (read ‘Hate, Intolerance, Bigotry & Fascism of Islam and the Global Caliphate’, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/islamic-intolerance-bigotry-fascism-global-caliphate/)... And the worst…the 57 nations under OIC have made the UN and the UNHRC a hostage (read ‘UNHRC Muted UNHRC Response Encouraging Islamic Genocide’, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/muted-unhrc-response-encouraging-islamic-genocide/) thus crippling them; and the OIC feels proud of it. This selective approach of OIC is baffling all ‘learned and thinkers’ as to why they get agitated to a single act of burning ‘Hate-preaching’ book Quran and turn a blind eye when the Islamists of the OIC repeatedly burn not only the ‘love-preaching’ Bible but their Churches too…celebrating with their acts of barbarism with cries of “Alla-hu-Akbar”, shaming the entire humanity (read ‘Major Jihadi Attacks in the World’, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/major-islamic-jihadi-attacks-in-the-world/).

On the Muslim festival day of Eid-ul-Adha 2023, several Christian protesters gathered in Stockholm to burn Quran as a symbolic gesture to express their angst against the book that spreads ‘hate and intolerance’ against the non-Muslims of the world. It is a fact too. It could also be an expression of disagreement against the Islamists of their numerous acts of radicalism, extremism and terrorism which is based on the principles of Jihad enshrined in the demonic book called Quran (read ‘Is Quran a Source of Hate & Intolerance?’, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/is-quran-a-source-of-hate-and-intolerance/). Actually, a large percentage of people all over the world feel that Islam has become fascist (read ‘New Islamo-Fascism in the World’, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/islamo-fascism-paris-jihadi-attack-macron-pakistan-turkey-malaysia-mahathir-muslims-islam-radical/). There was a world-wide condemnation of the Desecration of this act of burning Quran BUT there were no apologies after ‘Bible burning’ in several Islamic nations.

All these condemnations surprise humanity as to why the world is tolerating Jihad against non-Muslims emanating from Quran all around the world. A recent article in India is trying to implicate the government as well as the Supreme Court as to how they are silent about the hateful verses of Quran that grossly violate the fundamental rights of the non-Muslims (read ‘Gross Violation of Fundamental Rights in India’, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/gross-violation-of-indian-fundamental-rights-by-quran/). In fact, many feel that either those hateful verses of Quran should be deleted or that (un)holy book be banned in all secular, democratic and non-Muslim nations. People also find reasons to ban teachings of the book to children below 16 yrs of age and also screen the Friday Khutbas by the Mullahs to prevent spreading radicalism like what the Chinese govt is doing (read “World must follow the Chinese Model of Islam”, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/world-must-adopt-chinese-model-of-islam/). People around the world also condemn the pseudo-secular world on this issue that if the radical Islamic states like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi, Turkey, Iraq etc are comfortable with the Chinese model of governance over the Islamists in Xinjiang, why is that model of governance in controlling radicalism not followed all over the world?

What Salman Rushdie hinted at Quranic verses of hate and intolerance representing the various demonic (Satan / Shaitan) nature of its verses, have all been felt by all non-Muslims over centuries that manifested in USA as 9/11 (read “60 Hateful & Intolerant Verses of Quran, parts 1 & 2”, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/60-hateful-intolerant-verses-quran-part-1/ and https://thecounterviews.com/articles/60-hateful-intolerant-verses-quran-part-2/), the Christians felt enough was enough and started burning Quran starting in Florida a decade later (in 2010) that spread to several other provinces (Michigan, Springfield, Tennessee, Chicago, Illinois) too. The oldest democracy of the world played safe even in those testing times to condemn such burning of the ‘hate Books’. It has now become a trend that whenever a copy of Quran is burnt for its hate-contents, there is an outcry even in non-Islamic nations but when Bible is burnt by radical Muslims, the world community remains silent and indifferent. It is a fact that Muslims burn/destroy the religious literature of non-Islamic faiths/religions as a matter of their hateful teaching whereas the burning of Qurans though far and few, are often the acts of retaliation against the Jihadist. This difference is very obvious that the entire world should take note of.

Coming back to the current wave of burning Quran in Sweden and the Netherlands this year in January and June, there have been convulsions in the Islamic nations. The Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) of 57 nations are trying to project their might by taking the matter to the UN and Human Rights Commission; fully convinced that UNHRC can be brought to the knees. They know that the single sporadic case of retaliation against the Islamic hate the world over will be projected as Islamophobia, a resolution passed in UN too a few months back (read ‘Factual Islamophobia in the World’, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/factual-islamophobia-in-the-world/). They are also convinced that repeated acts of the Islamist’s burning/desecrating Bible and some other religious literature will be suppressed or brushed aside under one or the other pretext, prevented from being discussed. The UN, UNHRC is fully convinced that Quranic hate and intolerance against non-Muslim is very much enshrined in Quran/Hadith, yet they turn a blind eye to it (read ‘Muted UNHRC Response Encouraging Islamic Genocide, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/muted-unhrc-response-encouraging-islamic-genocide/). May the world remain convinced that while Pakistan on behalf of the OIC has projected the current issue of isolated Quran burning in Sweden to the UN, OIC will not be condemned for burning of Bible in various Islamic nations; be that in the Punjab Province of Pakistan, Iran, Malawi, Niyamey & Zinder (Niger), Cairo (Egypt), Malaysia (state-sponsored act), Kiboga (Uganda) or elsewhere.

Mind you, these are the manifestations of Quranic/Islamic hate against the other religions & Faiths routinely preached by their Mullas the world over. The entire OIC will try to shield Pakistan and other Islamic nations mentioned above indulging in such acts and the Christian/non-Muslim nations or the UN/UNHRC will be able to do nothing.

There is a saying, might is right. The numerical voting might of the OIC at the UN is formidable and they are able to bulldoze their version of their radical narratives easily. They side-lined the primary concept of Human Rights through their Cairo declaration in 1990. They made the UN/UNHRC pass their sponsored resolution of “Islamophobia” in the world easily without realising the truth and facts as to why such voices are rising against the most hateful and intolerant faith. Now they are taking the isolated case of burning Quran to UN/UNHRC and may be able to get the resolution passed too without letting the matter of numerous burning acts of Bibles by the Islamists in the Islamic nations from being discussed and condemned. It is sad and unfortunate that the international community is indifferent to the Islamist’s larger agenda of creating the Global Islamic Caliphate as their objective. This has to change. The Islamists cannot take the world for a ride.

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