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I-N-D-I-A of Thugs (Part-2) ?

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Many of the Chors, Thugs and Scamsters coming together to form an alliance called I-N-D-I-A for the purposes that have nefarious intents, has been already elaborated in the first part of this article (read “I-N-D-I-A of Thugs (Part-1)”,

Other Chors & Thugs

Let us now consider the second most corrupt political party having long experience in loots. It is Chara-Chor Lallu Prasad Yadav’s famous party “RJD”. Lallu, the poor student leader of Patna University in the early 1970s, has by now amassed allegedly Rs 14,000 Cr of assets in the name of his wife, children, close relatives and even Benami. He has been brilliant in innovating corruptions of “Railway Job for Land” scam while he was the Rail Minister in the UPA govt times. Those days people used to joke that if someone drilled a hole in his obese abdomen, possibly some assets of Indian Railways, be it engines or coaches eaten away by him, may come out. He has redistributed the ill-gotten money, land and other assets among his close relatives. That is why he was so unhappy when ED reached out to his assets in Haryana.

In the last several years Lallu is supposed to be serving jail term but he has manipulated our corrupt jail system. It is a fact that in lieu of Ranchi Jail term, he enjoyed the hospitality of the Jharkhand govt who had extended the Ranchi Medical College Guest House for his luxurious serving of the jail term and now he is out on bail apparently for medical reasons; but carrying out political activities which is not permitted for him. The judiciary is unable to see that he is ridiculing the national law & order provisions while on bail. He is believed to be the Bhishma Pitamah of Corruptions and Muslim Appeasement through the infamous M-Y alliance in Bihar politics that has vitiated the inter-religious harmony in the state leading to the proliferation of the Muslim population (seen as cancer) in Bihar esp in Seemanchal region (read “लालू कुनबा और बिहार का दुर्भाग्य”,

Most of the chors/ scamsters attending the congregation of I-N-D-I-A in Patna/Bangalore are believed to have taken the blessings of convicted Chor politician of India, Lallu Prasad Yadav for flourishing in the acts of Scams by touching his feet. Users on Social Media had made lighter vein of a probable blessings to Mamata “चोरी करो, फूलो फलो; लेकिन पकड़े नहीं जाना।पुलिस बहुत डंडे करती है”.

"चोरी करो, फूलो फलो; लेकिन पकड़े नहीं जाना"

World is aware of Mamata Banerjee’s ministers sitting on the heaps of ill-gotten wealth through corruption money, part of which is believed to have gone to her too. After Congress and RJD, Trinamool Congress headed by Mamata Banerjee and her family (of Abhisek Banerjee) is believed to be the next in line among the looters of I-N-D-I-A (read “Bengal at the Heap of Corruption”, On being caught red-handed, many her ministers are believed to have reached out to her for protection citing that those earnings were with her concurrence.

Most believe that Mamata Banerjee was a good lady at heart but unfortunately she is inheriting a legacy. She is riding a tiger of 2Cs of Communism & Communalism that was earlier used by her opponent, the Communists. Those 2Cs are Communism & Communalism, become worse now; posing a direct threat to her and TMC. Communism is infamous the world over as a fascist force and the Communalism of Islam that she is trying to appease, is gradually destroying the world with its own fascism of terror network (read “New ‘Islamo-Fascism’ in the World”, If she derides, the tiger will get her jugular. Now it is her political compulsion to continue towing the line the tiger wants…and undoubtedly, she is being laid to her perils. She is likely to die her political death by both the Cs.

Some other tainted political parties and their leaders include Samajwadi party and its leader who is chided as Totee Chor. Akhilesh Yadav faces several cases of Disproportionate Assets (DA) from the UPA days at the centre. In addition, just like RJD, SP has blatantly indulged in Muslim appeasement for their handful of votes that gave birth to the monsters in Ateeq Ahmed & Mukhtar Ansari (read “सायकिल पंचर किसने की ? मोदी, योगी या महायोगी ?”, Another corrupt leader in the alliance is JMM leader Hemant Soren. Soren family has been marred in several graft cases and office-of-profit charges. Shamelessly, he allegedly appropriated 11 acres of public land to own wife and is also believed to be involved in several other corruption charges in the family. Soren too has learnt the Muslim appeasement politics very well. People of Jharkhand call him as bas***d when he tried to hush-up the murder of teenage Ankita Singh by a Muslim youth and migration of 50 Dalit families from a Palamu village by the Muslims who illegitimately claimed their land as Waqf property.

After Rajiv Gandhi, Lallu Yadav and NC Pawar families, Soren family is considered by many among the most corrupt in the nation. There are many others too marred in the corruption/scams in the I-N-D-I-A alliance of the opposition that includes Farookh Abdulla (Cricket Stadium case), Jagan Reddi (SSC paper leak case), KCR significant among them.

Radicals & Jihadists in the Group

Besides the corrupts, this alliance also carries groups of radicals and extremists incl those having links to various terror groups. These include the Jihadi promoters in IUML & PDP; and Christian radicals of MK Stalin and Jagan Reddi undertaking Church-linked communal politics. The former has even blood of Bihari labourers on his hands that Nitish Kumar and his deputy have been feigning ignorance. The Communists are believed to be indulgent in numerous anti-India activities with Naxal/Maoist links and Tukde-Tukde groups. Some of them are allegedly paid by Chinese Communist Party and the radical Islamic nations. Several individuals and groups from abroad incl Hindenburg report, George Soros, Goldman Sachs, Fareed Zacharia and several others. Most of these reports are believed to be generated at the behest of the Indian Congress and Communists.

Black Sheeps in the Group

The group of I-N-D-I-A has some black sheeps too who acquired notoriety of being Extortionists. The first and foremost among them is Udhav Thakre's Maha Vikas Agadi. They had introduced Extortion as an accepted norm of loot in Maharashtra during their reign of a different kind of terror (read "“पप्पू की फिरौती और लुटेरी सरकार”, The other Extortioists in the group are famous "Jungle Taj" of Lallu Yadav in Bihar and Akhilesh Yadav's Samajwadi Party in UP. Extortion was a booming business in their times.

Anti-India Campaigners in I-N-D-I-A

This group of political parties and most of their politicians are also infamous for anti-India campaigns primarily led by Congress, Muslim radicals, Muslim appeasers and the Communists who are traditionally known as the boot-lickers of Communist China. Such examples are numerous whether it was after the abrogation of article 370 through the many Shaheenbaghs, in the form of agricultural middlemen agitation given the name of Kisan andolan or the post Agniveer recruitment scheme of the Armed Forces. They always keep on looking for any opportunity when they can indulge in violence and shame India. Actually, this unholy alliance should be named as “Shame-India” alliance. In a nutshell, I-N-D-I-A is a complete recipe for national disaster in the name of democracy.

PM Asspirants in the Group

There are five major PM contenders in the group. Nitish Kumar was the first projection by coalition of Chors in Bihar. Subsequent names of Rahul Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee, Akhilesh Yadav and KCR also emerged as possible claimants of PM's chair.

Mamata Banerjee must have been a reluctant participant in the group of Looters in I-N-D-I-A. She must have calculated that with Congress poster boy Rahul Gandhi disqualified and banned for 6 yrs from elections, she had the best opportunity to emerge as a strong contender to lead the fragile group of I-N-D-I-A…but that was not to be. CJI Chandrachud’s decision to revoke the Gujarat court’s verdict of Rahul Gandhi must have watered down her political ambitions to some extent. After Rahul Gandhi’s recent image-makeover following Bharat-Jodo Yatra, and BJP’s defeat in Karnataka, it is highly unlikely that Congress will accept any other PM candidate. It is another matter though that nearly a dozen of the political parties of the alliance have no representation in the parliament.

Modi-Fear acting as Glue?

Political opposition of BJP have realized the fact that by themselves, they are no match to Modi. They are mighty unhappy that the Chor elements among them whether Chara-Chor, Totee-Chor or the various scamsters are facing the wrath of the investigative agencies. Their displeasure is that these investigative agencies by themselves or with Modi’s concurrence, are breaking their beliefs that politicians cannot be touched for corruptions. Now they are not only being touched but also grabbed by necks, made to cough out the eaten booty, made to face the law of the land and jailed too. This is why massive sums of ill-gotten money is being unearthed as shown elsewhere (read “Chors & Thugs in Indian Polity”, Hence, all Chors have decided to unite together for essentially two reasons; firstly, to join hands against the investigative agencies of ED, CBI to apply pressure on Modi govt to stop it. Secondly, their unity is also to challenge Modi govt in the coming 2024 parliamentary election because all of them know very well that Modi govt has worked tirelessly for the upliftment of the poor and also for the betterment of the nation hence, they cannot defeat him unless unite together. United, they stand a good chance to form false narratives against Modi govt and narratives in elections have relevance.

Isolated Groups Fearing Disrepute to India

There are many individuals and groups which felt that the name I-N-D-I-A that the Chors, Thugs, Scamsters, Extortionists and the Radicals have adopted, will bring deep disrepute to India. Many cases were filed in spate of rage & hurry which have been dismissed by the Courts of Law. Modi Govt has been insensitive in foreseeing the type of disrepute to the nation and didn't assist in the case in the Supreme Court where it was dismissed. The new CJI Chandrachud also failed to foresee the consequences of the tainted political parties adopting the name of nation I-N-D-I-A. This issue will surely have serious repercussions that the entire nation & nationals have failed to foresee.

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