Islamic intelerance

Islamic Hate, Intolerance, Bigotry & Fascism and the Global Caliphate

This article is trying to look at the current day problems of widespread radical Islamic unrests taking place the world over. Today, Islam is at conflict with most if not all world religions and faiths. It is beyond the scope of the author of this article to establish the relevance of Islam with the present-day threats to the humanity. Very fact that Islam was founded about 1500 yrs back by an individual whom the Muslims consider as their prophet, speaks very high of him. He must have been a charismatic person, a visionary to start a new religion just like many others, to lay the foundation for other religions. This did not take away the wisdom of all other contemporary faiths and religions founded by their own ethos and beliefs…whether the mostly polytheistic prevailing in those times or the newly created monotheistic religions of Jains, Buddhists, Christians and later the Sikhism evolving in that chronological order. The fact that all these religions persist even today, they all must be eternal…with none considered superior or inferior to each other. All these religions agree that there is one eternal supreme-being, the path to which could be through any of the religions. Hinduism has a concept of “विश्वेदेवाः” meaning all Godly beliefs prevailing the world over. Then why did the prophet of Islam try to erase all other contemporary faiths and religions in his own motherland, incl the faith that he himself belonged to? Why does Islam have so much of hate, intolerance and bigotry towards other faiths and religions esp where Muslims are in numerical dominance? Why are the followers of other faith & religions in Islamic nations are facing religious persecution in the hands of Muslim brethren? This article will try to look at various factors that put Islam at the crossroads and conflicts with others.

The Birth of Islam

Islam took birth in the erstwhile Arabian land amidst prevailing lawlessness and barbarism of 7th century in their deeply divided societies, having countless factional disputes and fights. The nomad Bedouins, the widely prevailing tribes of contemporary Arabia hunted, served as bodyguards, escorted caravans, and worked as mercenaries. Some tribes traded with towns in order to gain goods, while others raided other tribes for animals, women, gold, fabric and other luxury items. Men behaved as animals, women and children were the objects for grab. Everyone was vulnerable to fall prey to other mightier tribesmen, none were safe. Mohammed was born and brought-up in those anarchic Arabian societies. Many literatures mention he was orphaned in early childhood, grew-up under his uncle and as a teen, served under a rich widow Khadijah who used him to look-after her animals, accompany the caravans of travellers & trades. He later married her and became rich overnight, a merchant himself to carry out his own trades. He was aware of the problems in the nomadic cultures that prevailed among the numerous tribes and was unhappy about it. Some Islamic literature paint Mohamed’s birth and early childhood coloured with imaginary fantasies as if he was a born prophet.

There are differing opinions of how Mohammed transformed from a commoner, a merchant to the angelical stature of self-acclaimed enlightenment. There are mentions that some disillusionment in life took him to a cave where he acclaimed of attaining wisdom through some angels…to start a new faith. When he returned back to his family in Mecca, he narrated his experience in the cave to his wife & friends and started a new faith called Islam. There was one distinct change in him. The relatively illiterate person Mohammed, was now saying many things about the presence of almighty God, Allah. He started reciting many verses, of which he was earlier incapable of. Whether such wisdom could be compared with the likes of Kalidas, Surdas and others in Indian context who were relatively illiterate and could compose verses that bear eternal semblance, to the life and humanity after their self-imposed isolation to enlightenment with knowledge, is left to the analytic minds.

The Early Years of Islam

In the initial periods, apart from family members, friends and some distant relatives, there were very few takers of his newly founded Islam. However, being rich, he was able to influence many in his own Quraysh tribe. Later, many people who knew him earlier, saw some strange changes within him, of turning charismatic; thus accepted to join his newly founded faith voluntarily and the number of his followers started growing. He proclaimed himself as Prophet of Islam in the year 610 when he was 40 yrs old. He wanted this newly found faith to be accepted by all under his influence area and thus started various forceful campaigns. He and his new converts started compelling others to accept his new faith. He increasingly became intolerant to the native tribal faiths among whom the resentments had started. Being rich, he could form a small army of mercenaries who started commanding the others to accept the newly founded faith by Mohammed. However, his own tribe in Mecca revolted in the year 615, killed many of his mercenaries but he managed to flee with a handful of his followers like cowards, in the dark of the night…to Medina, to take shelter under the dominant Jew tribe “Banu Qurayza”. He laid low for some years with the handful of his mercenaries and followers. He asked the literates among his followers to memorise or write down his pronounced verses which later became ‘Quran’.

By the year 622-23 he could regroup his forces of the mercenaries and fighters and restarted conducting regular ‘expeditions’, trying to influence and convert others in Medina and its neighbourhood, ask others to join the new faith on some or other pretext. He gave the concept of ‘Jihad’…to fight for the cause of Islam. He termed all tribesmen and non-Muslims and anyone who did not believe in his newly founded Islam, as ‘kaffirs’. He mandated his army and followers to exterminate the kaffirs and take possession of all their belongings as their righteous means.

Many accepted the new faith under compelling circumstances but later revert back with their own ways of going to their temples, of various deities under their prevailing practices of polytheism. These events angered Mohammed and his mercenaries. They started persecuting them. Mohammed hated idol-worshipping by the tribes and other communities (incl his own Quraysh which worshipped the Sun God) and started vandalising their temples. He started taking regular ‘Patrols’ accompanied by his army of mercenaries to pressurise and convert others, and destroy the idols and temples. He became totally intolerant to other faiths & their places of worship and his subsequent actions were full of bigotry towards others. He became a total fascist, started issuing ultimate threats… convert, flee or die. He attacked the very Jew tribes in Medina who had given him shelter after he had fled from Mecca. He killed many but let out some, on the condition that they fled from Medina forever. Jews in Medina were devastated.

Limited intensity frequent conflicts started on a regular basis. He and his army started attacking the individuals and smaller groups, kill those reluctant or unwilling to convert, loot their properties, capture their women & children as slaves to be redistributed among his army, that boosted their triumphant morale to wage another war on another group or tribe. Mohammed himself started leading as head of various campaigns, attacking several tribes & regions to prevail as supreme, almost on monthly basis. His early campaigns are shown in the table below (unauthentic though).


Islamic Bigotry, Fascism and the Genocides

This was not the all. Mohammed continued with greater atrocities on the native tribes of Arabia. In the year 627, he attacked the native tribes & religions of Medina incl the Banu Qurayza of Jews who had earlier given him shelter; and several others a dozen of times. It must have been hell for the believers of other faiths in the region…demonstrating nude expression of power against the hapless smaller, dis-united Arabian tribes who started giving-in one by one under the intense forces of atrocities… a term known as ‘genocide’ in the dictionary…and the person committing the genocide was none other than the self-proclaimed prophet…who commanded being worshipped by his followers & captives alike. In the 628 there were almost a dozen of attacks, year 629 had half a dozen and year 630 was the worst, over a dozen & half incl those on Mecca. Mohamed himself lead many of those barbaric attacks including the one on Mecca, to avenge for earlier beating that had made him to flee like a coward. He annihilated the entire territories inhabited by the Quraysh, with bodies of the natives strewn everywhere and their women & children captured as slaves. There is no authentic account of those dead and devastated by Mohammed and his Army but it is expected that in the not-so-densely inhabited Arabia, about a lakh life perished before Mohammed’s swords…for no fault of theirs…only because they believed in their own Gods. He also partly destroyed the famous Sun temple of Mecca vandalising 360-odd idols they worshipped, and later converted it into a Masjid which became the most sacred for Muslims. With the traditionally ancient idols vandalised by Mohammed and his army, it is believed that all people of those tribes cried. They just could not believe their eyes how a person claiming to be a prophet, could be so cruel, hateful and intolerant.

The map below shows the contemporary Arabian territories with numerous differing tribes & factions fighting continuously among themselves. Disunited, they all fell to Mohammed’s army one by one. Mohammed erased many of the tribes from the map of Arabia and the adjoining provinces & states. They had nothing left to fight…succumbing to Mohamed’s dictat…convert, flee or die. Those put to death by Mohammed and his mercenary army paid for their disunity and those who were left to live, were forced to convert to Islam. In lose words, Mohammed and his brutal army annihilated the cultures of the native tribes and the humanity at large.

Mohamed and his brutal army annihilated all…the Arabian tribes (incl his own Quraysh), the Jews, the Christians in the north, till Muslim advance was halted in the Battle of Tours in France in 732. This was the first time the Muslim forces were defeated in a battle.


Desecrated Temples of other faiths became Sacred Mosques.

As pointed out in the initial paras that many of the new converts were infuriated on the vandalisation of their temples, Mohammed allowed them to pray and offer namaz in those very temples, after the idols were destroyed or removed. Those tribes believed that there were supernatural powers inside those temples. Hence, by allowing them to offer prayers in those very temples (without the idols though), did pacify most of the new converts. Mohamed also possibly realised that his newly founded Islam forced upon most of the converts, did not have the charm of supernatural feel at least in the initial months / years. Hence, permitting worships in those temples now converted to mosques, were to his own advantage, to prevent strong resentments / revolts. Even after conversion, the tribes of the entire region continued with their annual rituals of visiting their erstwhile Sun Temple in Mecca for offering prayers (now namaz)…which later came to be known as ‘Haj’. Vandalising, partly destroying the temples of other faiths and religions and converting to mosques was started by Mohammed out of his hate, intolerance and bigotry against other faiths. Converting the vandalised or destroyed temples of other faiths into the mosques became a fundamental principle of Islam. The Sun temple at Mecca is today the most sacred for Muslims and Al-Aqsa constructed on the ruins of Jew temple is the 3rd most sacred. This behaviour of Muslims was not limited to Arabia alone. Such intolerances & bigotry were amply demonstrated by even later Caliphs and rulers of Islam…wherever they ruled. It continues even today, in many countries…wherever Muslims are in significant numbers (refer “Muslims and many Ayodhyas in the world” The Counterviews, Issue 2:16; pp-2).

Quran preaching Hate & Intolerance

The man declaring himself as a prophet and then attacking & looting the Caravan of wealthy Quraysh at Badr, was an act usually committed by the bandits. He continued attacking, killing, looting the believers of other ideologies and dishonouring their women…and worse, justifying these heinous crimes in his ‘holy book’ called Quran, the words of which are considered the guiding principles for Muslims. So, what could one expect from Quran? Nothing else than violence, hate, bigotry and Fascism. Actually, there are many verses in Quran that openly promote violence & terror against other faiths & religions. Although these verses were made by Mohammed for his own converts and mercenaries in the 7th century, in their fights against Arabian tribes, it practically holds good even today, to justify the Islamic radical actions and atrocities against the believers of other faiths & religions. The Quan preached violence against the believers of other ideologies and justifies grabbing their belongings...both living & innate.

Terror in Islam

It was very appropriate for Mr Waseem Rizvi, Shia Waqf Board chairman in UP (India) to ask the Indian Supreme Court to intervene and remove 26 such verses of hate & intolerance. However, due to lack of a tactful advocate to forward his argument, the SC dismissed his ‘just petition’(ANI News 11 Apr 2021). This matter will surely come up in future again. Recently even French President Macron had commented…” It stands to reason amending the Holy book of Islam so that the hate, intolerance & Bigotry elements of Quran or Hadith can be suitably amended for the sake of world peace” (“New Islamo-fascism in the world” The counterviews, Issue 2:19; pp-7)

amend quran

Quran does discourage violence against the believers of other faiths, but on a pre-condition…“if they withdraw and do not fight you, and offer you peace, then God gives you no way against them” (an-Nisa 4:90). This means that believers of other faith should withdraw and send you the peace offer as if submitting to Islamist forces…is a clear indignity.

Far Extending Barbarism & Fascism of Islam

Islam started expanding to the Middle East & Europe with the same barbarism, causing deep exasperation and humiliations among the Christians till Mohammed died in the year 632. There was a brief lull thereafter. There were voices of descent by many. Many tribes wanted to dissociate from Islam. However, Mohammed’s successor Abu Bakr used his army to suppress any such splits. He quickly implemented a law of death penalty for anyone leaving Islam and made it a part of the new faith. So, in short, one fascist was replaced by another killer. The unhappy factions had to resign to their fate in Islam forever. This became a custom for the next Caliphs too.

Mohammed and his army had full command on the lives and properties of the non-Muslims living under them. He termed them as “kaffirs” with limited rights to live as 3rd rated citizen by paying ‘jijya/Jazya’ towards the submission to the political authority for military protection as dhimmis of the Muslims. This unethical practice is still going on in Muslim majority countries. Non-payment of Jazya led to the seizure of their properties, women & children enslaved and the men unwilling to convert, be killed. He commanded the polytheist tribes of Arabia for submission to Islam as a precondition for their exoneration. He was abusing humanity. This is how the fascist Islam expanded in Arabian land and further north & westward to Europe thus establishing an extensive Caliphate that extended up to Spain. This had infuriated the Christians.

Islamic incursions and atrocities continued even in to Europe when the Roman Empire and the Christians felt ‘Enough is enough’ and the reprisal started in the form of the first ‘Crusade’, to teach the barbarians some lessons that they could remember in the future. The expanding Islamic caliphate was made to shrink within a small territory…something that the radical Muslims of today consider a legitimate right to reclaim.

Islamic barbarism was so acute in their newly conquered territories of the Christians in Europe that the Roman church decided to get rid of the Muslims. Amidst some other reasons, they launched the first crusade in 1097. They killed and annihilated the Islamic forces all over from France, Germany, Jerusalem. The first crusade was followed up by 2nd and 3rd crusades too. The Muslims suffered great losses over the period. They did learn some tough lessons in these periods.

Muslim conquest continued in the east and south-east…in Persia where the entire Zoroastrian Parsis were annihilated. The men who resented to conversion were killed, women & children abducted for slavery. Only a handful of them could escape to India to seek refuge…and all these were in the name of so-called a ‘pure religion’, Islam. The same ugly face of Islam & Muslims was seen in medieval India that caused such deep scars in the psyche of the Hindu and the followers of other Indian religions, that keep reminding them of the Islamic inhuman brutality. It is so unfortunate that this intolerant, bigoted and fascist face of Islam is evident everywhere even today, in every nation, in every society wherever Muslims are in numerical dominance, be it Asia, Africa and of late, in Europe. The dis-united Hindus have suffered the most heinous genocides in the hands of Muslim invaders & rulers in the medieval period with mass murders, dishonour committed against tens of millions…with no remorse either by them or by their descendants now. If Hitler and his barbarian army could be hounded for the holocaust against the Jews, there is no reason why all graves of cruel Muslim rulers, whosoever committed genocides on the believers of other faiths & religions anywhere, should not be dug-out…to take their skeletons before the courts of law…be it the prophet or his followers, to try them for their grave sins committed against the humanity.

Plights of the Captured Women & Children in Newly Founded Islam

Women suffered the most. As such they were largely the objects for grab in the Arabian tribes. Mohammed used the captured women in the worst possible ways that severely challenged their dignities. Some were distributed among his mercenaries and army as objects of sexual pleasure. Some were also given to other Muslims either under temporary marriage or made to sexually serve the fighting army as part of Jihad…Mohammed put other abducted / captured women in a separate camp having a flag-marking, that identified them as prostitutes. These customs continue in Islam even today. The 21st century saw numerous Muslim women volunteer, some from well-to-do families serving sex to the ISIS Jihadists in Iraq & Syria.

The children of these women as well as those of so-called Kaffirs, had to become unpaid slaves of Mohammed’s army. The Islamic world has no remorse for these inhuman acts of Mohammed and his army…as well as they care least for Yezdis in the present times, the victims of ISIS. It seems even Human Rights groups have let the surviving ISIS terrorists & demons off the hook who brutalised thousands of those innocent women.

Even other women, the family members of the Muslims have very limited rights. They have no freedom of expressions, rights or acts. Every woman is the object or personal property of her man, her master. It is he to decide what she will do or not. Without his permission, she has no rights to venture out of the four walls of her master's house. Marriage in Islam is a contract that may be terminated at any time by her master. Hence, she needs to be all all situations.

Islamic Barbarism Continued after Mohammed's Death

After Mohammed's death, when Abu Bakr took the reign as Caliph, or later his successors, the atrocities on the believers of other faiths & religions continued. The battle-hardened Islamic army continued fighting to expand the barbaric ideology in all directions to force Islam on others. willingly or otherwise. Killing the males if unwilling to convert; looting their properties and enslaving the women & children of the kaffirs were made part of their religious books. How can the world community tolerate such acts…and that too, in the name of God whom they call Allah ? It must have been and remains the hypocrisy in its worst…to kill the people of other faiths, all of which lead to the same path of the almighty…something that the so-called prophet of Islam could not comprehend. This is how Islam was made to expand in the adjoining and distant territories as Islamic Caliphate. Both the Byzantine and the Sāsānian empires in the vicinity around Arabia had official religions of Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrian-Mazdeism. The religious demography in the region was complex, encompassing the Christians, miaphysites, Nestorians, Chalcedonians along with some others like Pagans; Gnostics; Jews & Mazdeans…all of whom were made to suffer. It could be considered as the worst acts of inhumanity and barbarism over the believers of other religions & faiths…the believers of the almighty none the less…whom the so-called prophet of Islam and his successors annihilated in the coming decades and centuries… and that too, in the name of a new God, called Allah. It is left to the imagination of the readers as to what it should be termed.

Islam as Uniting Force

As mentioned above, Mohammed and his brutal mercenaries and army committed a kind of Genocide of all the Arabian Tribes and their culture. This however, ended their unending barbaric attacks on each other, against another tribe. Under the newly formed Islam, they were prohibited from fighting against each other. Their properties and women were safer as no Arabian Tribes existed anymore to attack them. Their fights were only against the believers of other faiths or anyone threatening the newly raised Islamic empire and later the Caliphate. Jihad as a tenet of Islam authorized them to fight against anyone having the beliefs & practices at variance with those laid down by Mohammed that later came to be known as Quran. Although Jihad also asks them to fight the evil within but that has only become a hollow narrative. All Jihadists have become demons, disruptive & killing forces. All Muslims are expected to join ‘Jihad’ war cry as a united force when pronounced by their ruler or clerics…and not apply their own wisdom. This is why democratic thought processes are conflict with the largely theocratic state.

Fascism of Blasphemy

When Muslims insult other religious institutions & practices, they consider it their right but when followers of other religions do the same against Islam, it becomes ‘Blasphemy’. What rule is this? Christians & Hindus are widely being persecuted in Pakistan every now and then under blasphemy for anything they say or do. They are either killed by the radical & fascist Muslims or if approach a court of law, they too behave the same way. After the French incident of killing of a teacher by Muslim students and the subsequent actions by the French govt, many Islamic states started speaking like Jihadists including Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Bangladesh and some more. Turkey called the French President as a mental case. Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamed declared that French people need to be killed. Muslims in Bangladesh, both preachers as well as the radical population, took out a ‘hate procession’ against the French. Some Hindu in Bangladesh, who supported French President Macron in his stand against Islamic violence, were beaten mercilessly and their houses were burnt down. Similar processions have been going on in Pakistan against France. These are nothing but a ‘Fascist’ face of Islam. Hence, there is a strong reason in seeking the amendments in Quran. The World cannot tolerate Islamic fascism anymore.

Islamic Bigotry & Fascism continues today

Memories of the brutalisation of faiths & religions, right from the times of Mohamed, keep getting refreshed…of Islamic cruelties even in today’s world, every now and then. Very recently we have witnessed it in independent India, in the Kashmir Valley. There the Muslims committed Genocide on the Kashmiri Pandits with the same slogan…Ralive, Tsalive ya Galive…meaning convert, flee or die. In Kashmir valley people also heard the Islamic Bigots & Fascists shouting… ‘leave your women for us’…something that was committed by Mohammed and his so-called barbaric army in the 7th century on the Arabian tribes too. This was also witnessed in Iraq…on the hapless Yezdis… whom the Islamic Iraqi government & administration abandoned and left on the mercy of ISIS…to commit Genocide… one of the worst Genocides on the Humanity… with the identical slogans…’Convert, Flee or Die’ for the men… and the Women captured to be made sex-slaves. The Entire Islamic world remained mute spectators or reluctantly paid some lip-service. These Islamic intolerance, Bigotry and Fascism were inherent to their behaviours then…in the seventh century…and remain so even now in the 21st century. It has been very apparent in the recent few decades all over the world, as shown in the table below.

islamic attrocities
jihadi organisations

This communal, ugly face of Islam keeps us reminding of their barbarism time and again, whether that was against Kashmir’s native Pandits or Iraqi Yezdis. We keep seeing it happen in Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh almost every week. British Home Secretary has submitted a recent report of Christians disappearance from the middle-east that amounts to genocide ( All non-Muslims vanished from nearly 43 of the 57 Islamic countries in to thin air, were due to their religious persecutions (The Counterviews; Issue 3:06; pp-47). Religious persecutions by Muslims are happening everywhere in the nations of their numerical dominance whether the Kurds in Syria and Turkey, the Ahwaz & Parsis in Iran, the Hazaras & Sikh in Afghanistan, Hindu and Sikh in Pakistan & Bangladesh, Buddhists in Malaysia, Al-Akhdam in Yemen, or the Berbers in Algeria. Besides, the crimes by Jihadi groups such as ISIS committing heinous crimes on the Yezidis, Boko Haram against school girls in Nigeria and elsewhere are shameful. The desperation in today’s Africa is such that the foreign ministers of 40 nations from around the world had to meet in Rome recently on 28 Jun 2021 to try and restrict the ISIS resurgence and their barbaric atrocities in Africa. The new threat has emerged after many factions of radical Islam, esp Boko Haram, Iswap and the ISIS merged together esp in Congo, Mozambique, Nigeria and elsewhere where the Muslims are in substantial numbers.

So, that is the reality of Islam from the day of its foundation. Radical Muslims that most seem to be, as barbaric, bigots and fascist forces are glaring. Some optimists over the centuries felt that the religious persecutions started by Mohamed will cease in the coming years and decades. But it did not. Some also thought that when Islam started splitting in to various sects, the overt radicalism of Islam will fade in some sects. That too did not happen. Today, centuries and millennia later when there are 73 sects in Islam, all preaching hate, intolerance, bigotry and fascism. There are more than 175 organisations of the Jihadists in the world belonging to various sects. Intolerance of these demons do not spare even own sects. Numerous Islamic sectarian violence and conflicts have been going on in the world, claiming numerous lives. Hence, it could be said with reasonable confidence that above mentioned ills are inherent to Islam.

It must be emphasised here that not all Muslims are intolerant, bigots or fascists. Islam also has some moderation, reconciliation and peace. Some Islamic teachings do emphasize kindness, compassion, and respect for others, and steering clear of aggression. In the words of the Quran, “God instructs you to deal kindly and justly with anyone who has not fought you for your faith or driven you out of your homes: God loves the just” (al-Mumtahana 60:8). This verse encourages good relations with all faiths, sects, and creeds, and prohibits harming others. However, look at the status of the believers of other faiths living in the Islamic nations…they are being persecutes, killed and dishonored at will. No one is ever ready to answer a simple question…what happened to the millions of non-Muslims in Islamic nations? A trailer of those atrocities could be seen in the newly declared Islamic nations like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Their religious minorities are being persecuted on almost the daily basis and the UN, UNSC and Human Rights are deliberately looking the other way. No independent investigations are being ordered. It is true that religious minorities in most of the Islamic nations are being persecuted, some amounting to their disappearance. Yet, there are some Islamic nations where the current administrations are tolerant...UAE, Indonesia and a few in Balkans being so.

It also depends on their background before conversion and also the neighbourhood they lived in. Although most of the Arabian tribesmen were barbaric, there were some kind-hearted too, committed to their Gods but made to accept Islam. They converted to the new religion but remained in the service of the almighty, untouched with the brutality in the society. Such small numbers of fully religious Muslims are seen even today. They have nothing to do with radicalism of Islam. They pray five times, thank the almighty for everything that they have and are least inclined to the politics of the religions. Those who belonged to peace-loving faiths / religions before conversion and lived in the vicinity of peace-loving Hindu, Buddhist, Jains or Christians; are largely peace-loving. This is the reason, nearly 60% of Muslims in India, Srilanka and Indonesia are believed to be peace-loving despite radicalism of Quran being preached in their Madrassas. However, there is a catch here…when it comes to voice concerns against Islamic radicalism, intolerance, fascism and terror, they become mum…pretending both deaf & dumb. This is the misfortune of the moderate voice in Islam, it just does not matter to the radicals and Jihadists.

The Global Islamic Caliphate

The expanding Islamic caliphate of the Ottoman period was made to shrink within a small territory…something that the radical Muslims consider a legitimate right to reclaim. On 29 June 2014, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) leader, Al-Baghdadi, a terrorist himself, announced the establishment of a Global caliphate. He named himself as "Caliph Ibrahim". This brought cheers from all radical Muslims of the world. Many volunteer Muslim groups announced their allegiance to the ISIL. He asked the Muslims all over the world “to erupt as volcanos of Jihad”. Most of the Islamic nations and their nationals covertly started providing funds for his weapons. They believed that Muslims will prevail to proclaim a greater Islamic Caliphate extending from Rome & Spain in the west to the entire of Asia in the east encompassing the last of the Indonesian islands. The ugly face of Islam and the Islamists were on the full display.

quaran excerpt

No sooner Baghdadi called for the Global Caliphate, the Islamic clerics the world over started justifying his call…both Islamic and non-Islamic nations included. They quoted Quranic verses (as above), Islamic Ethos and the will of their Allah for the entire world to be their caliphate. The untrustworthiness and treachery of Muslims in many non-Islamic nations were on full display. Marawi island, a Muslim majority territory of the Philippines declared freedom overnight from the nation with ISIS affiliations. Sharia law was imposed by the radicals and they put the non-Muslim population of the nation on threat of their lives. It took almost 5 months for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to reclaim the island but at the cost of its complete destruction. Similarly, on 10 May 2019, the Amaq news agency of ISIS made a propaganda through Al Jazeera TV, claiming the establishment of ‘Wilayah of Hind’ as part of their Caliphate in Kashmir, India. It was an ISIS lie of course. All these events only reconfirm the apprehensions that you cannot trust the Muslims when it comes to doing anything in the name of Islam.

The above are the incidents after Baghdadi’s call. However, a silent Jihad has been going on in all nations wherever Muslims are in significant numbers. These are ‘Jihad Al-Nika’h and ‘Jihad al-da'wah’ by marrying the girls of other religions and by converting the people of others faiths respectively. In fact, long before Baghdadi’s call, Muslims as a community has been quietly increasing their population to gain the numerical dominance esp in the non-Islamic nations. The world-over, the decadal Muslim population growth rate is nearly 150% of the other communities. Presently, Christians form the largest community in the world. There are several predictions that at the current rate of their growth, Muslims will be in numerical dominance in the world by the year 2050 and then, achieving the dream of Global Caliphate could be easier.

After the huge drubbing of the Crusade, the radicals & Jihadists keep talking of restoration of the greater Caliphate which is nothing but a day dream in the present world. They feel that every piece of land earlier held by the Muslims anywhere in the world, must be reclaimed. Imagine if a similar resolve taken by the older tribes and religions persecuted by Mohammed and his successors, giving a call to reclaim their lands from the barbarian. That will lead to the Arabian tribes reclaiming Arabia; Parsis the Iran & Iraq; Hindu in Pakistan-Afghanistan-Bangladesh; Jews in Medina, African tribes reclaiming most of the north Africa…and so on. It will mean the annihilation of almost entire Muslims from the globe. Should such a movement take place, the world could be made free of the barbarian religion of Islam.

In conclusion, it can be said that Islam was founded in the early 7th century by apparently a commoner who later claimed to have attained wisdom from an angel. He imposed the new religion on the followers of other faiths of the various Arabian tribes. Mohammed proclaimed himself as a prophet and started imposing his newly founded faith through a dictat…” Convert, Flee or die”, something familiar even today. He and his mercenaries had deep hate and intolerance against the other faiths and polytheistic idol-worshipping communities. Some accepted Islam willingly and some others were influenced. Those who did not accept, were done to death, with their properties looted, women & children enslaved. Islamic bigotry and fascism annihilated the entire contemporary Arabian tribes through numerous battles …defeating them one after another.

The elements of hate, intolerance, bigotry and fascism against the believers and followers of other faiths & religions are inherent in Islam. This is why Islam is at conflict with almost all other religions of the world today. It is incompatible with world peace. Time has come when the verses of hate/ intolerance from the religious Islamic books have to be removed.


Arabia before Islam.

Pre-Islamic Arabia.

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