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New ‘Islamo-Fascism’ in the World

Radical Islam seems to be casting its dark shadows on the humanity. On one side, the Jihadists are committing grave Human Rights violations and on the other, the reactive voices to Jihadi violence is being met with the ‘Islamo-Fascism’ as some scholars termed it after the Nice (France) terror attack on Church. There is no doubt that the world humanity is getting infuriated with the Jihad-related hate, intolerance and bigotry of Islam. This is the reason, the founder of the Islam is mostly perceived as a hate-filled intolerant man, expressed in various forms of cartoons, as depicted in Charlie Hebdo. The followers of Islam are so fanatical that they don’t want anyone to express any opinion or feelings against the man who is perceived among the Muslims as Prophet but spewed venom against the believers of other faiths and religions, both in his lifetime and inked it in Quran too (read '60 hateful verses of hate and intolerance in Quran' Could a prophet be so hateful? One may have reasons to wonder.

When the trials of those murderers of Charlie Hebdo started year in France, there were open expressions of hateful threats by some radical Muslim groups. It stands to reason that French President Macron suggested of amending the so-called Holy book of Islam so that the hate, intolerance & Bigotry elements of Quran or Hadith could be amended suitably for the sake of world peace. However, radical Muslims see any expression against Mohammed or Quran or Hadith as a threat to their religion even if it pertains to its darker side that preaches hate, intolerance, terror or killing the followers of other faiths. This is the absurdity of Islam and Muslims as a community. They issued warnings against any such expressions. Amidst such happenings in the country when a school teacher of history Mr Samuel Patty discussed some cartoons of Mohamed in his class of students that were the subject of Charlie Hebdo case…as a freedom of expression of a secular country…some of the same students conspired with jihadists to get him slayed, decapitated on 16 Oct 20. Many were involved in it including the Mullah of a mosque. After that mosque was closed by the French administration, the jihadists of the world over issued renewed threats. Majority of Islamic nations started issuing threats to France…of retaliation…of boycotts…of punishments and so on.

One may wonder as to how weak Islam is and how Hippocrates the Muslims are. When a Muslim insults other religious institutions & practices, they consider it their right but when followers of other religions do the same against Islam and justifyably so, it becomes Blasphemy. What sort of rule is this? Many of the Islamic nations started speaking as Jihadists that included Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Bangladesh and some more. Voices started eminating even Muslim ghettos of Bradford and Dewsbury in Britain as well as Paris, Marseille, and Lyon of France from where the ugly face of Islamic radicalism and Jihad could be heard loud and clear. Even if isolated, there were incidents of arson against the non-Muslim neighbourhoods. Muslims (both men and women) went to Afghanistan and Iraq to join the jihadists to fight against own army who were part of the US-led NATO alliance. How could the Muslims of any nation be trusted upon? Hate, Intolerance, Bigotry and Fascism is taught to them from Quran in their childhood itself (read "Is Quran a source of Hate and Intolerance?"

Turkey called the French President as mental case. Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamed declared that French people need to be killed. Muslims in Bangladesh, both Islamic preachers as well as radical population took out a ‘hate procession’ against the French. Some Hindus in Bangladesh who supported French President Macron in his stand against Islamic violence, was beaten mercilessly and their houses were burnt down. Similar processions have been going on in Pakistan against France. Buckling under the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) terrorist’s pressure, Pakistan Govt is expected to expel the French ambassador and close the embassy. These are nothing but a ‘Fascist’ face of Islam. European nations have taken a strong note of it and are expected to take stronger actions against the terror sponsoring state Pakistan and contemplating to withdraw concessions given under FATF. Such Fanatic states don’t deserve international aids and funding to cultivate the terror breeding on their territories or elsewhere.

The neo-fascism and bigotry of Mahathir Mohammed (not the founder Mohamed of Islam) immediately showed its result when Jihadist again attacked a Church at Nice (France) on 29 Oct 20 killing 3 and injuring several. This devil beheaded a woman. He has been taken in custody after being shot at. He is a 21 yr Tunisian Muslim immigrant in France. Surely he can’t be alone in this act. One more person had been arrested and is being questioned for helping in the attack. France is paying the price for harbouring sizable percentage of Muslims many of whom were illegal migrants…asylum seekers. Muslim bigots showed their colour in Austria too when they shot down many citizens in Vienna on 02 Nov 20 for no reason. None had painted cartoons of Mohammed there yet they committed treachery against a nation that provided them with humanitarian refuge and asylum. Even Muslim women are not lagging behind in their Jihadi acts. A Jihadi woman in Lugano, Switzerland tried to cut throat of two women in a departmental store on 25 Nov 20. Authorities have called it a terror attack and more such attacks are feared in Europe. The attack is without any provocation. Those inhuman radicals and Jihadists are actually the devils. It is felt by many that Europe is paying the price of being human with the Muslim migrants & asylum seekers.

Islamo-Fascism is rampant in the other parts of the world too. There have been many similar cowardice acts of the Jihadists in the other parts of the world incl France, Britain, Germany, Austria, Russia, Sri Lanka and so on. More than 50 Christian villagers were killed in Mozambique on 10 Nov 20 by the Islamists. This year we have witnessed another few dastardly attacks by the Islamists in Afghanistan (killing >25 Sikhs), the Philippines (killing 14 Christians), Nigeria, Sudan and so on. The worst part is that the so-called moderate Muslims of the world remain mum on these dastardly acts of Jihadists. There is slowly emerging perceptible anger in Europe and many other nations against Islamic radicalism and Jihadi terror. This has to stop sooner than later otherwise retaliation may start…something like what happened on 14 May 19 at Colombo, Sri Lanka on 15 Mar 19 Christchurch, New Zealand, 19 Jun 17 attack at Finsbury Park London or 29 Jan 17 at Quebec, Canada…and so on. The Islamic bigots & devils as well as their leaderships must be made to realise that there will be repercussions to their jihadi bigotry and fascism.

Mohammed or no Mohammed, Prophet or no prophet…whosoever that founder of Islam was…has depicted a very hateful and inhuman teaching in Quran that Islam follows. They cannot dictate the world through their call of global caliphate. They cannot issue a dictum against free speeches of the democratic and secular principles that they perceive, as blasphemous. Till now, the UN Human Rights groups have spared Islam from any serious and credible investigations as to how the non-Muslim communities have disappeared from the Islamic nations (read "Deafening silence of UNHRC" It is no secret that Muslims (or more appropriately, Islam) are intolerant of non-Muslims. In the medieval period all suffered equally in the hands of Islam…be it Arabian Tribes, Christians, Jews of Arab & Europe; Parsis in Iran; Hindu, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs in the Indian region and lately, the Christians in the Middle East and African peninsula. Even in 20th century, Islamic genocide continues. The world has witnessed Islamic hate and intolerance committing genocides of Hindu/Pandits in Kashmir (India) in January 1990 (read "Looking back at Ralive, Tsalive ys Galive: 1990 genocide in Kashmir" and of Yezidis (Iraq) in 2014. British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt had submitted a report on the near genocide of Christians in the middle east but the Human Rights panel at the UN seems to be overtly favouring the Islamic neo-fascism and bigotry in the world. It is worrying how UN Rights panel is silent. It is equally worrisome why the world has not sought to punish Mahathir Mohammed? Why a red corner notice has not been issued against him by the Interpol?

Genocide of Christians by Muslims

A time has come when the world has to take a conscious decision to get rid of Islamic hate, intolerance, bigotry, fascism…whatever name such acts may have (read One religion cannot be made to dictate terms over the believers of numerous others. No nation can permit their religious demography to be altered due to religious favouritism but India has done so. India is the best example of religious tolerance, but at a massive cost. The Muslims have changed the religious demography of India. Whichever regions of India did not control the increasing Muslim population, it started alienating those parts. First Gandhar (Kandhar) was separated under Muslim majority rule. Muslims in Afghanistan got their permanent root under Mughals (Babur) in 16th century. The minority Hindu and Buddhists were butchered (hence the name Hindukush). Muslim population in India increased close to 22% during independence and they partitioned the country again with formation of Pakistan. The near 10% Indian Muslims after partition are now near 19% causing immense disharmony. Muslim population in Kashmir has increased to >95% committing fresh Genocide of the few left-over Kashmiri Pandits. Muslim population in Assam increased over 40% when they started atrocities on native Bodo and other Hindus, making them flee from own land. Muslim population in Kerala & West Bengal as on now is just about 29% and the heat is on…upon the native Hindu and others. Owing all these, Muslims are being perceived as proliferating cancer that could swallow away its hosts (read 'Muslims of India : Parts1, 2 & 3';;

The present decadal population growth rate of Muslim is 50% higher than Hindu in India. Hence, religious demography of Hindu is being threatened seriously. Knowing the behaviour of Muslim community around the world, no one should have doubt that India has hard time ahead. Islamic terror in India will keep growing from both fronts…east & west. Islamic bigotry will be more and more evident in the Muslim dominated areas in India. Muslim intolerance and bigotry in independent India has been well known all along. Recently they burnt a dalit leaders house in Bangalore, burnt many houses in Bengal in 2019, killed VHP leader in UP in 2018…and such acts go on. They forget that if similar acts of violence are resorted to by the majority Hindu community, they will be sitting ducks, roasted alive.

Muslims the world over must realise that with the increasing freedom of speech, there will be instances when an odd verbal or printed content may come out in public domain by an odd person, with or without wrong intent. The social and digital media will disseminate all such slurs far and wide in no time. The community must behave wisely and maturely to all such slurs. If every such aberrations of slurs against Mohamed or Islam create disharmony, anger or violence, peace in world will become a rare commodity.

The History of Islam bears testimony to its violent origin. The spread of Islam was through some willing acceptance but largely a forceful imposition…violent or otherwise. One may like to believe that in the modern world, Muslims have shunned their overt violence in imposing Islam but there are events and occurrences which point otherwise. They continue following their dictum of "Convert, Flee or Die" that world has witnessed in Kashmir against Hindus; Iraq against Yezidis; the Middle East, Sudan & CAR against Christians as well as in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh against all religious minorities. The beastly acts of ISIS over Yezdis in the 21st century itself have amply demonstrated the ugly, inhuman and violent face of Islam to the world.

Continued Jihadi acts across the world, against all most all other religions, leave no doubt that Islam has taken a new “Islamo-Fascist” violent path. However, there are numerous other Muslims all over the world who in no way are affiliated to the 170-odd Jihadi Tanzeems. They are peace-loving, highly religious and follow the principles of humanity…numbering almost 60% or so which is a significantly large number of them. Unfortunately, they seldom render their voice against the hateful, radical & Jihadi Islamists. Their silence makes the world community to believe that they may be hands-in-gloves with the Jihadists…which may not the case. The peace-loving Muslim must come out against the radicals with an audible voice. They must help the world community to defeat the ‘Islamo-Fascist’ Jihadists. If Quran & Hadith need amendments to shun violence that could be interpreted too as such, initiatives must be taken by the sane elements in Islam. After all, it is Islam and its image at stake, at the cross-roads of challenging the humanity that is not acceptable to the world community. Islam must mend its acts for own good otherwise there will be repurcussions. One can only hope that a better sense will prevail among the religious leaders of Islam.

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