Jihadi Terrorist attacks the world over

Major Jihadi Attacks in the World

Islam as an intolerant faith has an unparalleled record of being anti-humanity. It is ridiculous that many still regard it as a religion. No religion can be preaching hate, intolerance and bigotry that Islam has been indulgent in. Quran itself is the source of such hate and intolerance (read '60 Hateful and Intolerant verses of Quran' https://articles.thecounterviews.com/articles/60-hateful-intolerant-verses-quran-part-1/; https://articles.thecounterviews.com/articles/60-hateful-intolerant-verses-quran-part-2/).

The followings are the official numbers of incidents involving major Islamic Jihadi attacks the world over that caused significant casualties of >10 with several folds of those injured many of whom succumbed to their injuries at a later date.

2022-21 major Jihadi attacks
2020-19 major Jihadi attacks
2018 major Jihadi attacks
2018 major Jihadi attacks (contd)
2017 major Jihadi attacks
2016 major Jihadi attacks
2016 Jihadi attacks (contd)
2016 Major Jihadi attacks (contd)
2015 major Jihadi attacks
2015 major Jihadi attacks (contd)
2015 Jihadi attacks (Contd)
2015 Jihadi attacks (contd)
2015 major Jihadi attacks (contd)
2014 major Jihadi attacks
2013-2008 major Jihadi attacks
2007-2001 Major Jihadi attacks
1998-1946 major Jihadi attacks

The above are only the officially declared Islamic Jihadi attacks that the entire world has been facing, most of them rather quietly. Only minuscules of such attacks have drawn punishments. The main among them are the retaliatory attack by USA-led NATO in Afghanistan following 9/11 and Indian attack on Pakistani Balakot terror training camp following Pulwama attack. Few unsatisfactory retaliation were also undertaken by Nigeria against the Boko-haram. Possibly time has come to retaliate the Islamists.

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