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Muslims of India : Part-2; Why the Hindu-Muslim Distrust and Gap ?

'Muslims of India' is an effort to examine the reasons for the Hindu-Muslim divides and discords in India through the five basic science-based questions of What, Why, How, When and Where. This part of the article examines as to 'Why' is this divide. The reasons for 'Why' this divide, are mentioned below:-

Hindu grudges against Muslims of India

Arrogance of Indian Muslims in adhering to Medieval wrong-doings.Hindu distrusts in Indian Muslims are for varied reasons as shown in the text box. Although some grudges are of medieval periods, today’s Muslims reaffirming their adherence to those periods is appalling. Most of the Hindu grudges could be resolved amicably if Muslims are accommodative; BUT…they are not. Their adamancy to cling on to the painful medieval past esp of the various genocides in which 25-30 lakh Hindu perished and their women and children were enslaved (shown below), is also creating the divides. In the last few years we have witnessed Muslims to justify genocides of Khilji, Akbar, Tipu and also justifying vandalisation of revered temples in Ayodhya, Kashi, Mathura.

Major Islamic genocides in India

Arrogance of Communal Colour . Independent India has been doomed forever in to communal disharmony as growing numbers of Muslims are out to proclaim their Communal Identity. We can imagine the families, groups and societies participating in their respective religious functions, participations in particular attire. However, when those attires are used for expressions of separate identities in public, that is Communal Behaviour. Skull caps, Beards, Burqas/Hijab appearing in public places incl educational institutions are signs of those Communal approaches. One may find Muslims in several Islamic nations where such attires are not followed as it is not mandated in their religious scriptures. Indian may have to curtail this ‘Communal Expression’ of the radical Muslims as in many of European Countries. These cannot be compared to Sikhs’ attire which has been their identities enshrined in their religious scripture. Similarly, loudspeakers chanting Azans at high volumes four times a day esp in the localities of substantial Hindu inhabitation despite the Supreme Court ruling pronouncing against it, is clear arrogance.

Diverse, opposing ideologies. Diverse, opposing ideologies. Although most of the Muslims in India are converts from Hindu, they are brainwashed to oppose their roots in Hinduism, in their fathers and forefathers. Hinduism and Islam are religions almost totally diverse in ideologies. The former is inclusive… to which anyone can have allegiance without annoying the others whereas the latter is exclusive…that treats other religions/faiths and their followers as subjects of hate. The former has principles of peaceful life and coexistence that favours the entire humanity whereas the latter promotes the values of only Islam and perceives the followers of other religions/faiths as threats and inimical. Hinduism has been existence from the eternal Vedic times with no particular individual known to have started it; while the latter was started by a highly ambitious person in the 7th century declaring himself blessed by an angel (???).

The religious ideologies of people are primarily contained in their temples, prayers and attitude towards others. Where Hinduism has a concept of ‘विश्वेदेवाः’, rendering respect to all religions and faiths. Islam on the other hand, is hateful and inimical to worshiping of other Gods of Jews, Christians or Zorostrians; and unfortunately, these are mentioned in Quran. Mohamed was possibly ignorant of the Vedic civilization hence, didn’t spew hate in his Quran.

Islamic Hate & discrimination against others

Non-belonging to India. Islam traditionally has identified itself of Arab roots and origins. Right from the time of the first invasion of India, the invaders took instructions and commands from their Arabian / Moghul masters elsewhere. The best of their loots in India found its destination to the erstwhile Caliphs of Islam. Most of the Islamic rulers had their allegiance elsewhere. Even under British India they had their allegiance to Ottoman Empire in Turkey and wanted the Hindu community to support them. That was largely the reason they committed Mopallah genocide of Hindus in the Malabar region. Even today, 75 yrs after partition, most of the Muslim bodies would prefer to side with foreign Islamic nations. Islam will never be Indian. As long as they are in minority, they will bear Hindu but when they become a majority, they will commit their genocide in the name of Islam…that has been happening in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir. Baring exception, they will never be loyal to the Indian govt. We witnessed it happening in anti-CAA protests.

Recent Expansionist Intolerant faith. No one knows the extent of the Vedic era. It was evident in Satayug, Treta and Dwapar and is relevant in the present Kalyug too…each of the yugs having a span of 4000-6000 yrs. In all, it is believed to have come in existence about 40,000 yrs back. Vedic principle applied to all human beings irrespective of their origins, allegiances or geographic limitations of inhabitations. Zorostrian (Parsis) have similar principles of lives except that they worshipped the Danavas and considered Devas as inimical…the opposite of the Hinduism. Abrahmic faiths initially had polytheism from the days of Judaism. Christians made it monotheism and Mohamed, founder of Islam adopted many of their concepts. Muslims of the world today acknowledge that Islam descended from Abraham, the founder of Judaism. Mohamed whom Muslims consider their prophet, and the later Caliphs of Islam committed grave genocides against the very faiths / religions from where it originated. Mohammed had his own quest to decimate all other faiths/tribes of the ancient Arabia so as to enforce Islam on all of them. He decimated his own tribe of Qureyesh by repeated attacks to enforce Islam. That trend continues even today. Muslims are committing genocides against all other religions incl Christians (in Middle-East, Africa & Pak), Hindus and Sikhs (Pak, Afghanistan, Bangladesh).

Chronology of origins of religions & faiths

Hinduism has traditionally been inclusive. It follows the concept of "विश्वेदेवाः, Gods of all over the world". In its entire history of existence Hindus and Hinduism has never compelled the followers of the other religions to convert while Islam came to exist by genocides (of all tribes of ancient Arabia) at the threat to their lives (‘convert, flee or die)’; Islam’s genocidal approach we saw happening even in the recent years on Yezidi and in many other parts of world; ‘Ralive, Tsalive ya Galive’ in Kashmir. Of course, a few accepted Islam on their own too.

Hinduism has peaceful coexistence with other religions hence, being taken for granted. Today no country has adopted Hinduism as state religion while Islam being imposing, forceful and violent has been adopted in 57 nations, Christianity in 13, Jews in 1 and Buddhism in 3 nations as state religions. Today when Hindus are persecuted in Islamic countries, they flee to India to the much dislike of Indian Muslims and their boot-licking political clouts. In the last few decades however, Muslims are proliferating in India at a decadal population growth rate 50% higher than Hindu. It is expected that in few decades, Muslims will outnumber Hindu in India. Thereafter Hindus have to face Muslim persecution as presently faced in the Muslim dominated districts and regions of Kashmir, West Bengal, Assam and Kerala. It may be realised that Hindu are in already minority in 12 districts of India besides J&K where they are facing Islamic ire. Radical Muslims have violent intent. Most of their mosques in such areas are believed to be running illegal activities of hate campaigns (Khutba) by their Mullahs, stacking arms, ammunition and explosives within their premises and sheltering terrorists. Many mosques in Kerala, UP, Bihar, Assam and West Bengal have revealed such acts.

Hindu becoming minority in Indian districts

There is no wing of Hinduism spreading, alluring, imposing or forcing the religion on to others whereas several dedicated Islamic organisations like Tablighi Jamat spread Islam as a full-time commitment often through illegal means. Although Tabligh is banned in many Islamic nations, they continue operating behind scenes. They receive funding from many Islamic nations for their activities of alluring the target groups of other faiths/religions. A small group of individuals of Bajrang dal in India tried ‘Ghar Wapsi’ of some Muslims that was decried in both India and international arena hence, discontinued. It is believed that several Muslims are disillusioned by the present radical Islam and hence, want to change their religion but their radical faith and literature award the death penalty for converting to other faiths. For permitting conversions in India, a better approach needs to be adopted by Hindu groups.

Monotheist Islam against Polytheist religions. Hinduism has the concept of ‘विश्वेदेवाः, the many Gods in the world’ and numerous saints of different periods showing us the path. Hinduism accepts there could be many other Gods the world over in which concepts of Jewish Yahweh, Parsi Ahura Mazda, Christian God, Islamic Allah and Sikh’s Wahe Guru and so on, are regarded as path to eternity. However, Islam treats only their Allah as the supreme and Mohammed as sacred prophet and they consider all other Gods as Haram…a sin. This hatred is enshrined in Quran itself and is taught repeatedly to all Muslims at their weekly Friday sermons (Khutba) by highly radical Mullahs. This puts Islam in direct conflict with all other religions. Islamic Jihad is in direct conflict with peace-loving Hinduism, Buddhism and jainism.

Islam Preaches hate against believers of other religions. While Hinduism preaches to treat every human being with love, affection and compassion; Islam treats the followers of other religions and faiths as ‘Kafirs’, entitled to be punished and killed. As a result, followers of other religions have vanished from Muslim dominated nations whereas Muslims have proliferated in the regions dominated by other religions. Hindu, Sikhs and Buddhists were made to disappear from Pak/Afgh/Bangladesh whereas the Islamists committed Genocide of the Christians in the Middle-East.

Genocide of Christians in the Middle-East

While Hinduism treats idols in temples of all faiths as a Godly, a source of prayers, Islam hates idols. Mohammed, whom Muslims treat as their prophet, was instrumental in vandalising and desecrating numerous idols and temples of the Arabian tribes and converting them into mosques (incl their revered Mecca). Muslims had vandalised numerous temples and idols in India during the Islamic period. Ramjanmbhoomi of Ayodhya, Gyanwapi of Kashi and Krishnajanmbhoomi of Mathura are three earlier desecrated and partially converted into mosques by the cruel Muslim rulers of medieval times for which Hindus have been trying to revert its lost glories (read ‘Islam and the many Ayodhyas of the world’ https://articles.thecounterviews.com/articles/islam-and-many-ayodhyas-of-world/). Hindu never converts other’s prayer place into own temples. Hinduism does not hate other religions but Islamic teaches hate, intolerance and bigotry against the other religion is evident the world over (read ‘Islamic Hate, intolerance, Bigotry, Fascism and its global caliphate’ https://articles.thecounterviews.com/articles/islamic-intolerance-bigotry-fascism-global-caliphate/).

Islam mandates its radicalised Mullahs to preach in such ways that make Muslims community-centric, to lay down lives for the cause of Islam. For this, radicalised Islamic preachers are appointed to carry out the Friday sermons (khutba) at most, if not all mosques. It is believed that numerous Islamic preachers in the mosques are from Islamic nations living illegally. They make a point at almost all their sermons that non-Muslims are kaffirs who are to be dealt with differently as prescribed by their Allah.

Frequent Hindu-Muslim Riots. Hindu-Muslim distrust also fans out from the ideological clashes leading to frequent riots. Most of the riots have started from trivial matters esp from the latter part of 1980s. Most of the riots were following a minor errant incident created by either Muslims or Hindus at a temple/mosque/idgah that went out of hand due to inept handling on part of the community leaders and the police administration. The next commonest incident was throwing stones on religious processions by the trouble makers of opposite communities, rumour-mongering by the other side besides some other issues (Hindu-Muslim riots in India: Only Modi can resolve it. The Counterview; Issue 2:06; Page-8; https://thecounterviews.com/issue_02_06). These riots have killed tens of thousands and somewhat emboldened the feelings among many that the two communities cannot live peacefully together. Following many of those riots, Hindus living in Muslim dominated areas have suffered the most and in many cases, made to flee. As a result, Hindus distrust Muslims.

Islam above nations. Hinduism regards 'mother and motherland' as supreme and heavenly sacred whereas Muslims treat Islam above nations. The day radical Mullahs give a call of Jihad, Muslims consider it their right to fight the non-Muslims without applying their own minds, even if it is their own army. We witnessed it happening in the recent years and decades in the 'so-called ISIS-Caliphate and later in Afghanistan where radicalised Muslim youths of Britain, France, Germany, USA and several other countries came to fight their own army in the NATO-led Allied Forces. This is also a recent source of the divide that radical Muslims of India denounce chanting “Bharat mata ki Jai, Vande mataram” and the likes…that is so close to the heart of all nationals and nationalists. This is also the reason why most Islamic institutions and Muslims are strong suspects when it comes to matters of Islam vs nationalistic dealings. This is also the reason for the spread of Islamic terror in various parts of the world incl India.

Negating Institution of marriage. Hinduism regards the institution of marriages as eternal and binding for life whereas Muslims treat it as a contract that could be terminated at will. Hindu treat women as source of Shakti whereas Islam treats their women (mother or wives) as commodities. This should not create the divide but for the Hindu women converted to Islam on marriage and then abandoned, divorced for trivial reasons. These destitute find it tough to be accepted back by the Hindu parents. This is one of the reasons why Hindu now increasingly resent marrying their daughters to Muslims.

The reasons mentioned above are only some of the numerous others causative factors why there is Hindu-Muslim distrust and divide in India. Actually, these are global causative reasons for Islam being at odds with most, if not all other religions / faiths in the world…be it Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikkhism, Jews, Parsis and so on. These reasons are not of recent discontent but in existence since the years, decades and centuries that Islam was founded. Islamic hate, intolerance, bigotry and fascism referred above is enshrined in Quran and Hadith itself.

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