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NATO in Ukraine Creates an Effective Battlefield Against Russia

Nearly a year and a half after Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 Feb 2022 in their so-called “Special Military Operation”, NATO has very successfully created a battlefield in the Russian backyard that they had been earlier trying for decades, to deplete their strength. Of course, what news and visual from Ukraine comes into public domain are the ones what NATO and the EU want to be seen and known. What happens in Ukraine beyond these visuals is hardly known to the world. It must though be accepted with a pinch of salt that this approach is common during wars when respective nations want to set their own narratives…be it Ukraine, Russia, NATO, USA, Syria, Israel, Gaza, Afghanistan, Yemen or elsewhere.

NATO had long been offering figs leaves to Zelenskyy, a comedian turned politician. NATO wanted someone in Ukraine to dance on their tunes and who could have been a better person than a comedian? During Obama’s tenure too, NATO was quietly conspiring against Russia to open a battlefield, or at least a “theatre of operation’ in their backyard to continuously threaten and harass them to submission to American might but couldn’t succeed. However, with the signing of the Minsk agreement, NATO’s plans were unexpectedly put on the backburners.

During Trump’s time, NATO was almost defunct and dead to the dissatisfaction of some of their European members. Stoltenberg, NATO’s Secretary-General relevance was at stake. US funding had almost dried out. The world was having a sigh of relief with improved relations between US and Russia BUT European partners of NATO were mighty unhappy, sulking with such happenings. The very objective of NATO was at stake as it also meant a loss of business to the hawks within. Trump’s term of engagement was very state forward that US will no longer will be the near-sole funding nation and that all nations would have to contribute to nearly 2% of their GDP to which they were unwilling and reluctant.

Thanks to Biden who not only revived NATO but also provided the fuel to the fire. Zelenskyy the comedian was there, ready to bite the bait. He succumbed to NATOs plans and to cut a long story short, the comedian agreed sacrificing his nation and the nationals to fight NATO’s war without being its member. By now, there are such an expanded inventory of war equipment in Ukraine with varying technologies that no nation in the world can master its handling, or manage its inventories; leave alone a small population Ukraine. In the disguise of mercenaries, good numbers of NATO’s soldiers are believed to be there on the ground behind their sophisticated war machines. Some of those not so sophisticated, are largely being handled by the Ukrainians along with some mercenaries. Backed largely by the US, almost all NATO members have put their various war machines on Ukrainian soil that are neutralising substantial Russian fighting capabilities. The list of such war machines provided to Ukraine is exhaustive the major one’s enumerated in the text boxes below.

Major NATO war eqpt sent to Ukraine
Major NATO Eqpt to Ukraine

Zelenskyy was never in the war game. He unknowingly or foolishly destroyed own nation. In return, he was offered an opportunity to speak on the various NATO/EU designated/dominated platforms as a hero that he could have never dreamt otherwise. He continues to sacrifice the lives, safety and interests of his citizen, their properties, livelihood, future and the nation’s infrastructure in NATO’s war against Russia that he doesn’t realise (read “One Year of NATO-Russia ‘War Game’ and a Clueless Zelenskyy”,

As a rule of engagement, an attacking force is potentially vulnerable to losses while fighting on the enemy’s territory; and if fighting with sub-optimal/half-hearted approach, the losses of men and machine acquires horrendous proportions. This is what happened with Russian Army trying to reach Kiev. They have sacrificed a huge number of war machines that included mostly Tanks, Artilleries, APCs and their soldiers. A simple shoulder-fired Javelin missile became the dreaded Tank slayer. It was unbelievable to see the burnt Russian Tanks on long stretches of roads and streets. These tanks became fodder of even Armed Drones. On the other hand, the simple looking Stinger anti-aircraft missiles took a heavy toll of low-flying fighter aircrafts and helicopters. On the other hand, NATO drones have struck major ammo depots in Kherson & Crimea and attacked with devastating consequences their Saky Air Force Base besides blowing up several fuel depots at Belgorod and elsewhere. It is other matter though that entire Europe and NATO nations are under severe grips of high inflation and economic slowdown as a result of numerous sanctions on Russia. The worst part is possibly yet to reach the criticality when this NATO-Russia war may escalate into a nuclear conflagration.

Going by the logic of any nuclear power using the N-option, Russia for the last few months has been at the edge, at the same stage of the war when USA had used it on Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Russia too is faced with their failed objectives of neutralising Ukrainian military might. Instead, the entire NATO has got a foothold in Ukraine that Russia can no longer wish off. Zelenskyy hereafter, has further been reduced to just a pon on the chessboard of the power game between NATO and Russia and it is only a matter of time before some new players too may jump in. This game will end-up only after a serious crisis is created and its beginning has been made with NATO Drone attack in Moscow city on 30 July 2023 although a small trailer of it was shown on 04 May 2023; as a symbolism to convey that NATO drones can reach Kremlin evading Russian Air Defence. This is just the beginning and more are likely to follow with NATO having positioned long-range HIMARS, Surface to Surface Missiles and Air to Ground missiles as listed above. Such attacks may only increase in the coming weeks and months as ‘routine’ that may have significant consequences though.

NATO men (in various disguises though) and machines are already on Ukrainian territories directly mounting repeated attacks on Russian positions. Soon they may venture into the Black Sea too, especially after the grain deal has been terminated by Russia and the Black Sea has been declared unsecured for any/all vessels venturing without Russian permission. It is quite possible that NATO may find their nose into the Black Sea, with the rest of its military body to squeeze and penetrate gradually later…just like they did in Ukrainian territories.

While the talk of reconciliation between Russia and Ukraine (NATO) may take place in time to come, it is for sure that Russia is not going to return Donbass and Crimea to Ukraine. Those regions held are under firm control and any attempt by Ukraine to take back is fraught with very high costs similar to the ones earlier paid by Russia; and NATO will be in no mood to bear such cost and consequences thus diplomatically disregarding Ukrainian interests. Ukraine is in no position to dictate terms with NATO. There is only the Zaporizhia Nuclear power plant that Europe will wish to take back in their own interest but it will neither be easy nor with any guarantied safety. It could become another Chernobyl and Ukraine cannot afford that.

Territories of Donbas, Zaporhizia & Kherson under Russia

Russia missed out an initial bus in which they could have extended their grip on part of Odesa so as to have a complete grip on the Black Ship thus denying Ukraine any approach to the Sea. This strategic omission/neglect was after NATO compelled Russia to vacate north of the Dnipro river in Kherson and their partial control of Mykolaiv too. It could also have led to firming up their grip on the Russian-inhabited areas of Moldova but that is very unlike to happen now. Now with NATO forces in control on the ground (in disguise form though), Russia may not be able to invade any further towards this objective.

In the war of attrition between NATO and Russia, any flare-up could lead to nuclear conflagration that both Ukraine and NATO can ill afford. If that flare-up happens, it could be the destruction of Kiev and Leviv/Odesa. Odesa has been a threat to Russian interests in Crimea and the Black Sea with several Drone/missile attacks mounted in the recent past. A nuclear attack on Ukraine will surely invite wide condemnation of one and all, all over the world; but NATO may not authorise retaliation for two reasons. Firstly, the attack not being on NATO member, may not authorise retaliation and secondly, several European members of NATO esp the smaller nation could face complete annihilation. In turn however, Ukraine will be pulverised. UNSC too may continue to remain as useless & powerless as they are now. Hence, Russia will have an edge. Till now Russia has been assuring the international community against the use of N-arsenal BUT they had also been assuring the world till Feb 2022 against an attack on Ukraine but they did attack. It takes no time to change stance. Russian Cabinet has already authorised Prez Putin to resort to any means that the situation demands.

With the Russia – NATO war entering a new phase of entering the Russian capital, no expert in defence strategy can rule out a swift change in the course of war esp that of using the N-Option. The trigger point could be anything…another drone/missile attack on Moscow, NATO warships entering the Black Sea, NATO aircraft seen in Ukrainian airspace, Russia being cornered too far and so on. If that happens, it will be catastrophic for Ukraine. If NATO for any reason chooses to retaliate, it will be doomsday for Europe, Russia and USA. There is no surety that other nuclear powers (overt or covert) will not jump-in. If that happens, it will be doomsday for the world. Surely, the recent development in the Russia-NATO conflagration is keeping the world on tenterhooks. The entire humanity of the world is at stake.

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