Taliban siphoning off Food Aid

One Year On: Taliban Ruins Afghanistan

One year after Taliban take-over, Afghanistan continues to be in ruins. The main factor of both national and international apprehensions is the continued terrorist-like approach of Taliban; of creating fear among the public and the various institutions. Islamic barbarism of the medieval age is on full display. Human rights has been disregarded, women are in shackles, civil rights are on perils and various democratic or public institutions have been put on death beds. It is a complete jungle raj in Afghanistan.

The terror-linked abductions and killings are the rule in Afghnistan. The minorities and women have especially been at the receiving end. Sikhs mostly fled but those few choosing to stay, have been terrorised by terror killings and blasts in the Gurudwaras. Their life prospects are bleak...for both groups...those few who chose to stay back despite Talibani threats as well as the possibilities of returning of those who fled for the safety of life and honour of the family. The substantial Hazara and Tajik communities too are facing the Taliban's wrath and their inhuman behaviour. Taliban has not spared even its own religious majority who are reporting of hunger deaths despite sufficient food aid from the international communities. So who is hijacking the food?

In the last 9 months, Afghanistan has received lakhs of tons of Food Aid from various nations as well as international agencies. India alone has committed of sending 50,000 metric tons of food, transported through land routes via Pakistan that includes wheat and cereals. Nearly 30 times of it has already been sent by World Food Program. Yet, looking at the pictures being sent out by the Taliban Administration to the world, it projects Afghanistan's population as emancipated, begging for food. The handful of Humanitarian workers too sends out similar images. Their main emphasis is for more food and other aids; especially to the USA to release the terror/grey assets frozen elsewhere. Taliban’s main objective is to get more for itself while its population is left in lurch. They are also sending mixed signals…when their informers assisted the US military to carry out drone attack on the residence of Al-Zawahiri in a posh locality of Kabul. The double game of Taliban is on. They are also apparently trying hard to seek some limited international recognition by crying victimhood.

Deaths for trivia and whipping of women for no crime are all freely being practised. All democratic institutions have been put in limbo. Courts of law are defunct and Justice is at the mercy of the gun-tottering Talibani terrorists. Fundamental rights have been withdrawn. There is no constitution in the nation. Girls and women are the special victims. They can't get non-Quranic education beyond the primary level. The educated lot of women cannot work and their personal freedom and liberty have been completely withdrawn. It is believed tens of thousands of girls in tender ages and young widows have been made sex slaves by the Talibani terrorists.

So where did the massive food aid transported to Afghanistan vanish? The answer lay in the picture coming out of the Taliban cities yesterday at the completion of one year of terror. It shows convoys of motor-cars, armed machine guns, scores of well-fed Taliban terrorists mounted on the vehicles with automatic guns, rockets and grenade launchers. By a first look, there doesn’t seem to be dearth of food, fuel, guns, ammunition…you name it. There is no dearth of funds when Afghan Cricket team participated in the world-cup last year, or participating in other international events elsewhere. Hence, it is very clear that if the pictures of hunger coming out of Afghanistan is correct, which possibly is correct to varying extent, the terrorist Taliban Govt is corrupt to the core and selective in distributing the international aid immaterial of what the humanitarian workers on ground may say. Some advanced weapons are believed to have been sold to Pakistan at throwaway price. Despite the perception of rift, Pak Army esp their ISI is silently exploiting the Afghan plights They are believed to have set up several dozens of Jihadist training camp away from their own territories to escape international eyes in order to come out of the FATF grey list which though is a totally different issue. Some Pak link is also believed to be in providing intelligence on Al-Zawahiri in Kabul. Pak double game too is on in Afghanistan.

On first glance, it also appears that Talibani terrorists and Jihadists are creating their well-crafted narrative for seeking world assistance while they continue with their Jihad (read “O Foolish World, you feed me for free while I commit Jihad” https://articles.thecounterviews.com/articles/o-world-you-feed-me-free-while-i-mount-jihad/). Every word of the article published nearly a year ago, appears correct. The cry for more and more food aid by Taliban administration is merely a ploy for own good. Actually, the Jihadists committing gruesome atrocities and barbarism in several nations, are let go scot-free for their deeds; be it Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Sudan, CAR etc…all bear testimony to the above fact.

One year of Taliban rule also depicts that the terrorist administration is firm on their dictates. They have been brutal to anyone having links to the previous government, the Americans or the other allied forces. They have made the few remaining Sikh religious minorities disappear through orchestrated violence against them, their Gurudwaras and their honour…with threats on their women. All these are happening with the mute international response.

There is no slowing in the number of child-birth among hungry women if hunger is really a factor. Talibani masters continue keeping the women in chains and shackles without any international outcry. They are believed to have killed 10s of thousands of people, esp the Hajara minorities and those showing dissent to their deeds. However, these acts are not permitted to come out in the international media. Taliban terror has been going on unabated. Mawlavi Mahdi, a Shia minority face of Taliban serving as intelligence chief of the central province, was mercilessly murdered recently. Hence no minority is safe in Afghanistan.

On the completion of one year, the terrorist Taliban organisation also claim that they have been committed to their obligations to the agreement signed with the Americans before they came to power. However, they never speak that the agreement was to share power with the previous civilian government and not by annihilating and throwing them out. Although, it was the cowardness of the Ashraf Ghani govt and their 3.5 lakh strong Afghan Armed Forces equipped with latest of the lethal weapons to have surrendered meekly but it was Taliban who created such fear psychosis among them that they all melted away (read ‘Taliban takeover of Afghanistan’, https://articles.thecounterviews.com/articles/taliban-take-over-of-afghanistan/).

The power vacuum in Afghanistan is clearly visible. Pakistani terrorists of ISKP and TTP are still serving with Taliban. Pakistan continues to get cheap coal at a throw-away price and also enjoys easy and free road access through Afghanistan to east Asian nations. China has started spreading wings by pushing cheap consumer goods that will destroy Afghan cottage industries. They are also exploring exploiting Afghan mineral mining and debt-trapping through CPEC. Whether Taliban will remain mum to the ongoing oppression of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, remains to be seen.

In summary, it could be said that one year on, hardly anything has changed in Afghanistan. Civil institutions are defunct. Fear among minorities has increased due to their killing. Women have been suffering the most. Barbarism has become the law of the land. Afghan industries and economy remain at a grinding halt. Lakhs of metric tons of food aid reaching Afghanistan is not getting to their vulnerable population. Obviously, the Taliban regime corrupt to the core, is siphoning out the booty for own lavish lifestyle and luxury. This cannot be let continued by the international donors. The international checks and balances must be put on Afghan soil to ensure that the aid is not ending up in Taliban warehouses. Everyone is scared of raising any red flag whatsoever against the terrorist Taliban regime. China and Pakistan are trying to exploit them the best to their own advantages.

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