Congress ihadists attack BJP worker in Karnataka

Political Intolerance Against BJP Workers: Weakness of JP Nadda?

Nine years down the lane of Indian democracy at the Union level, Modi govt has progressed from strength to strength in their numerical electoral superiority but clearly, they failed to take the opposition political parties along even for the sake of making a narrative. The differences in political ideologies have become both verbal and physical intolerance. Modi’s call for “Congress-Mukt Bharat” was actually coming to reality when #PappuLies of Congress with their “Chowkidar Chor Hai” narrative changed their fortunes in three states of MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. Of course, Rahul Gandhi had to tender an apology in the Supreme Court of India BUT the damage was already done. Congress party got on their feet even if trembling. It is not the opposition of Congress alone. Almost all Modi-opponents are committing atrocities against the supporters of Modi’s BJP in all their States be it TMC in Bengal, RJD in Bihar, Jagan Reddi in Andhra, Stalin in TN or Pinarayee Vijayan in Kerala. Actually, the entire nation has been witnessing organised violence against BJP workers and largely disunited Hindus supporters of BJP in the last several years. Modi Govt’s failure in controlling the brewing political intolerance by the opposition has started showing its ugly face. Oppositions immunity in insulting and abusing Modi, the BJP and their party workers are something unprecedented in Indian politics and clearly, the BJP party president is unable to deal with it. Nadda’s performance as party president has been rather poor, having lost most of the State elections or their alliance broke apart. However, that is not the topic of this article, it is to discuss if he has been able to safeguard the interest of the party workers and there too, he has had an abysmal track record.

Karnataka Congress has just come to power and initial indicators are showing of its poisonous recourse. Firstly, the moment Siddaramaiah govt took oath, they sacked a teacher who had posted some content against the CM that he didn’t like. So now freedom of expression is being curtailed in the state of Karnataka that will boil down to the politician’s likings. If the newly elected CM or his council of ministers don’t like the expression, they will violate the fundamental rights of the citizen. Imagine if Modi govt does the same to the numerous lies, dis-information and hateful posts by congress leadership. Rahul Gandhi should have been in jails for ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’, Kharge for his ‘Ravan’ utterance in Gujarat and his son Priyank Kharge for ‘Nalayak’ remark…all false and unsubstantiated charges against the PM in chair. It is surprising how BJP spokespersons on different TV channels tolerate such abuses on daily bases by most if not all Congress, TMC, RJD and SP counterparts against either PM, HM or various CMs.

The intolerant Siddaramaiah govt is also believed to be promoting hate & intolerance against some Hindu groups such as Bajrang Dal and RSS. Just a few days back, Congress workers believed to be Jihadi outfits, allegedly attacked Bajrang Dal and BJP workers in unprovoked violence. This reminds us of the post poll violence in West Bengal where Mamata Banerjee’s TMC goons had committed heinous crimes of rape, murder and other atrocities on BJP workers after the 2021 election (read “BJP's Take Home Lessons from 2021 West Bengal Election: All Seven parts”, The TMC crimes were so intense that those BJP workers had to flee from West Bengal to save their lives and honour. Several of them are still living in exile in Assam. Mamata Banerjee’s TMC goons committed scores of other heinous crimes too and managed to hoodwink the law of the land. Mamata herself had abused PM Modi of “Thappad maarungi” and BJP tolerated it. It is noteworthy that Mamata Banerjee and her govt has been highly intolerant against the freedom of citizen expressions. No Indians can forget how she jailed a woman Ms Priyanka Sharma for posting Mamata meme and Mr Chandan Banerjee for posting a comment on social media. These were highly intolerant behaviours of Mamata Banerjee.

Aam Admi Party (AAP) too doesn’t lag much behind in hate politics. They are promoting radical Islamists & Bangladeshis in Delhi who were the main bodies in causing Delhi Riots in 2020 and the Khalistanis in Punjab with positive assistance of the Pakistani ISI. Amritpal is their latest poster boy. There are several splinter Khalistani groups taking shape in the state with anti-BJP and anti-Hindu stances with the active connivance of the AAP politicians.

BJP workers and leaders had severe drubbings in the hands of Shivsena. Several leaders scalp were shaven off and face smacked with black ink in public. Even the Union minister Narayan Rane was not spared when he made a remark against Udhav Thakre. He was arrested in Maharashtra and the nation was witness to high voltage drama. Maharashtra’s Shivsena and MVA govt’s ‘Haramkhor’ chants by Sanjay Raut had become a talking point all over nation and their open hate & intolerance and insults against the BJP workers too were in Nadda’s time. Rajasthan Congress led a reign of terror against BJP workers but Nadda did nothing to counter. There was open violence against BJP workers in Punjab during Chenni’s Congress regime but again Nadda failed to protect their interests. In Bihar, RJD’s reign of terror and violence has been the talk of the nation of the return of Jungle raj. Although all Biharis are bearing the brunt, BJP workers are especially in the line of fire. In Kerala and Tamil Nadu too, Nadda’s indifference to the growing assaults on the party workers are the burning examples of his helplessness. From the happenings of the past, it is becoming quite apparent that the present BJP party president JP Nadda is weak, unable to safeguard the interest of the party workers esp in the state where they lost. Otherwise, it is so unbelievable that despite having the largest party cadre, Mamata’s TMC leaders are safe in Delhi, Goa and Tripura. Udhav’s goon army remain unchallenged in the streets of Maharashtra. Congressmen in Gujarat, UP, MP, Haryana are in complete control despite their cadre’s atrocities on BJP workers elsewhere. How is it possible? Have the BJP workers and leadership put-on the glass bangles in their hands?

There is a saying that tolerating injustices silently are as much of crime as that of committing it. It can be appreciated that Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah as figure heads of the nation may be demonstrating their agonising patience but what about BJP party President JP Nadda and the other party functionaries? Why are they tolerating the demoralising attacks on their workers? Well, the BJP leaders may be considering it their patience and tolerance, but for the helpless cadres (which is the largest in the world), these are cowardice acts that need to be answered in the strongest possible retaliation in whatever way they consider appropriate. It could be a demonstration, a controlled retaliatory attack as well as the legal recourse…BUT…BJP President JP Nadda cannot afford to be coward. It will be his sin if he remains silent and submissive. Karnataka events are worrisome as the Jihadi PFI & SDPI in coastal Karnataka will be emboldened to mount more attacks in multiple forms on BJP Hindu supporters (read “PFI Ban: Govt Treating Symptoms Not the Disease”, The radical & Jihadist elements of Karnataka Congress/SDPI have got into Amnesty India, have already given a call to implement Hijab/burqa in educational institutions that is an open interference in its internal affairs of religious politics. Again, Modi govt is lacking in response by their inaction against the Amnesty jihadist group.

Today when Modi-opponents are committing rape & murder of justice through their sheer hate & intolerance against their political opponent, BJP’s silence and inaction is glaringly cowardice. External agencies and their toolkit are able to have unlimited influence in Indian democracy. We have seen the Islamic funds flowing-in during Shaheenbagh days; funds flowing from abroad, allegiance and support of a prostitute and climate activist Greta in Farmers agitation. We watched the Hindenburg report and a British national George Soros claiming that he will spend billions to topple Modi. Nation remained mum when an alleged Modi-assassin trained in Turkey was trying to enter India through Russia. Communist leadership with assistance of China, Pakistan are able to keep the Maoist/Naxals movement alive often inflicting heavy casualties on our security forces. Pakistan continues with their trans-border conspiracies in J&K and Punjab.

In a nutshell, it can be said with reasonable confidence that the political opponents of BJP are indulging in hate politics and often resorting to extreme violence against their workers. Most of these are happening in the tenure of party president JP Nadda. The post-poll violence in West Bengal by the TMC goons were extreme that made them to flee. Punjab/Haryana BJP workers had faced the open sword wielding by Khalistani Sikhs and now Karnataka Congress has started indulgence against the BJP workers. Kerala Communists and their Jihadi supporters have killed scores of BJP and RSS workers (“God’s Own Country: Kerala Under Islamic Threat”, Nadda may choose to remain silent for whatever reasons but those people facing violence will not. They will either take to swords or leave BJP cadre. It is up to the leadership to decide as to what extent will they tolerate the cowardice act of their party president.

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