Al-Aqsa mosque

A Troubled Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem

The Landof Barakah at Mount Moriah of Jew Prophet Abraham (1700 BCE), the site of First Jew temple Beit Hamikdash (960 BCE), the Second Jewish temple (37 BCE), The Al-Aqsa dome built by Muslims (691 CE) at the destroyed Jewish Temple Site that became Al-Aqsa Mosque. So what name the present generation gives it, will be of consequences as it is an extremely Holy site for the Jews where the Binding of Isaac had taken place on Mount Moriah…the site of extreme sacrifice for the Jews. Muslims call it Holy because their prophet Mohammed had lived here for some time. Church in that vicinity is largely a symbol of Roman Empire Victory of the Crusade over the Muslims…but surely there are some amount of ‘Holy’ relevance attached to it.

Kashi-Vishwanath. An ancient Lord Shiva temple of high esteem existed of at least 3500 BC. It was partly destroyed by Muslim rulers in 1194AD and again later by Aurangzeb in 1669 AD who constructed Gyanvapi mosque on the part of it.

Krishna Janmabhumi. Temple was built ~5000 yrs back by King Vajra, grandson of Lord Krishna. It had undergone renovation by Chandragupta II in 400 AD. It was partly demolished by Muslim invaders in 1017 & 1670 AD by Aurangzeb, made Shahi Idgah mosque on part of it.

Why Muslims of those period made the Al-Aqsa over the Jew Temple ruins, can only be contemplated. Mohammed had made Mecca after partly destroying the contemporary Kaba Temple of the Arabian ‘Quraysh’ Tribes, destroying their 360 odd idols. Many of the fire temples of the Parsis having four axial arch openings, were usually turned into mosques simply by setting a mihrab (prayer niche) on the place of the arch towards qibla (the direction of Mecca). So that is the hallmark of Islam…partly destroy the other faith temple and convert in to mosque. Numerous Sinagogues were converted to mosques after Muslim invasion of Jerusalem / Israel. Such Islamic scars were inflicted upon most of the religions and faiths wherever Muslims invaded. India is the living example where the most Holy temples of Lord Ram (Ayodhya), Lord Krishna (Mathura) and Lord Shiv (Kashi) were partly destroyed by the Muslim rulers to convert as mosques. It traditionally provided them an opportunity to claim that they were the supreme, could destroy the most revered temples in our own land. The fools did not realise that there is a supreme force above them too.

Muhamad whom the Muslims call prophet, had a hatred against idol worships. He has had tradition of part-destructions of temples right in Arab heartland. The Arabs used to practice largely polytheism and worshiped the many forms of Sun Gods and the alikes for generations before Mohamed was born in Hashemite clan of the Qurayesh tribe. Mohammed acclaimed himself as head of Islam and disfigured, desecrated and evicted all idols from the many shrines to preach his own version of religion called Islam. The newly formed Islam had made ‘jihad’ as one of the tenets to annihilate anyone opposing his new religion although it has some other connotations for Muslims too (‘Religious Radicals & Jihadist’, The Counterviews; Issue 2:09). Their holiest of the holy Mecca (Becca) is the symbol of his hatred, built over the Quabah temples of the Arabian tribes after vandelising numerous idols.

Places of worships of all religions & faiths have suffered in the hands of intolerant and bigoted Islam, Churches being the worst. Tens of thousands of churches in the erstwhile Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Greece, Hungary…were vandalised and converted to mosques. Istanbul is the symbol of Islamic hatred where dozens of Churches, Cathedrals incl the Holy Sophia Haegia were converted in to mosques (‘Islam and the many Ayodhyas of the world’ The Counterviews, Issue 2:16).

When Islam spread eastward, the Parsis following Zoroastrian as religion, were made to vanquish. All most all Zoroastrian shrines were destroyed or converted in to mosques like those at Bukhara, Istakhr, Tarikhaneh and so on in the erstwhile Iran. Similarly, almost all Buddhist monasteries in East Turkestan (Xinjiang) and some other parts of China were desecrated and converted in to mosques.Clear Buddhist architectures can be seen in these converted mosques placed opposite. No wonder that the Chinese are dealing with Islam the way it ought to have been dealt by all others elsewhere the world over. In the face of Islamic devastations and destructions associated with terror element of Jihad that they are unleashing over the other religions and faiths, a new mindset is taking root among many non-Muslim intellectuals…”Islam is like Cancer; either you remove it or it will slowly engulf you”. Of course, Muslims may not confer the view. India and Africa are living examples of this statement. The cancer has already engulfed India parts called Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and is gradually spreading within… in Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Kerala, UP and some other areas. The proliferation and spread of the cancer is evident in the ‘green shaded part of India’ slowly engulfing the other parts. The same is the story in a very large part of the world called Africa. The Cancer of Islam has slowly been engulfing the many nations as shown in the spreading green shadow representing Muslim predominance. It will not be out of place to mention here that the call of a greater “Global Islamic Caliphate” by the vanquished Islamic leader Abu bakr Baghdadi had some substance…and that is evident in the green shadow of the spreading cancer in India and Africa. Many of the tribes and faiths in Africa have already vanished and more are on its way to evaporate under the heat of Islam (and partly to Christianity too).

Readers may be fazed as to why the topic starting with the ‘Al-Aqsa Mosque’ has digressed to the hatred, bigotry and the cancer of Islam. It is for a reason though. What is happening in Jerusalem, is only one of the manifestations of the cancer. If Israel is trying to project and protact their own holy of the holiest Mount Moriah, there is nothing wrong. As long as the cancer remains in the vicinity, the piece of that land will never be at peace. Jews have all rights to preserve it the way they want…preferably without offending others…but Islamists may never agree to the equal existential rights.

Experience in India shows that wherever there is rise in the Muslim percentage population, atrocities start on other religion, vandelise their temples to desecrated it. In the last 9 yrs or so, ~380 temples have been vandelised in Muslim dominated districts of West Bengal alone. Bengali Hindu seem to have become docile, indifferent…until of course, their own families are affected by the radical Muslim atrocities…and when such instances take place, they flee…something that suits the Muslims. It is not only the Muslims, even Christians are showing their intolerance towards the ancient temples. Andhra Pradesh in India has been the site where the Pastor himself has been alleged to have committed the crime. Hindu in India are docile, indifferent.

The same is happening in northern parts of Africa too. It is the same old mindset of Islam…their intolerance, hatred and Bigotry towards other religions. Thus, when Jerusalem faces a similar Islamic ire by the Palestinians and the Arabs, it is bound to inflame the situation. Earlier, under Congress rule in India, the Hindu amply demonstrated their cowardliness to tolerate the Islamic atrocities but the majority Hindu of India seems to be waking up to the realities now. They are ready to speak out and in isolated cases, take corrective measures too. This awakening and unity among the hapless Africans are lacking at present. However, time is not far when they too will react and retaliate. People are readily talking…if Mohamad and his followers cannot tolerate the existence of temples and idols and deities that are worshipped, let them go and put their heads in to commodes and flush it…for it they think of desecrating our temples, the Mecca and Medina too will not be spared. A mischievous man creating an intolerant religion and asking his followers to convert others at the point of hanging swords, asking them to destroy the worship places of other religions has to bear consequences.

Under the present topic of discussion, it could be said with certainty that the Al-Aqsa is only a symptom…of a larger disease call intolerance, hate and bigotry that Islam has long been indulging upon. They should be now ready to bear the consequences that may start from Jerusalem or elsewhere. The radicals have to be defeated; preferably by those who suffered under them…by uniting together. The world need to be cured from the slowly growing cancer being manifested in the form of an intolerant religion trying to overwhelm all others…through a day-dream of “Global Islamic Caliphate”. Al-Aqsa, Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi will keep them reminding that they have been barbarics in past and show that tendency even now.

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