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Will WHO Betray the World Again

The Emergency Director of WHO Mr Michael Ryan has mentioned on 24 Nov 20 that govt of China has agreed to permit a team of experts to visit Wuhan to investigate the “animal origin” of the Corona Virus. This is a betrayal. For months, the world community has been asking the WHO to go in to a UN monitored investigation to look in to the cause of the pandemic that is rattling the world community. This investigation team of experts should trace the source of the SARS nCoV2 that may or may not have come directly from animal origin. Even if of animal origin, it might be a genetically modified strain…with significantly high virulence. There is conspiracy theory that this particular strain of virus was smuggled by the Chinese from a Canadian Lab. If so, the genome of the virus causing pandemics must be compared with the genomes of both from the animal market as well as the P4 Wuhan virus lab. This will confirm whether the pandemic causing virus is from the animal origin or came modified from a Virus Lab. Hence, the scope of the investigation must not be limited to “animal origin”. Such detailed investigation can only be undertaken by a group of couple of Epidemiologists, few virologists, couple of nuclear biologists who could go in to the details of the genomes. There is also a need for a Bio warfare expert who can study the pattern of genetic modification that has increased the virulence of the virus. In addition, help of a community medicine specialist and an immunologist will be vital in identifying the virus. All these expert must be the renown ones, belonging to a country outside of the “Chinese Block”, without any bias whatsoever. CDC of USA has been one of the best professional bodies.

Corona Pandemic

It is possible that the Chinese may not allow the investigation team to work freely. If so, the investigation may be monitored by UN. If UN / UNSC finds that the Chinese are interfering or creating hurdles in to the investigation through their status of P5, there are provisions with which their special status can be suspended temporarily, till the time investigation is completed. After all, it is a matter in which nearly 1.4 million people have died and the world has gone in a serious economic turmoil. Hence, the present investigation should not be at the mercy of China but mandated by the WHO. Since Dr Tedros cannot be expected to remain unbiased, his services may be terminated or suspended by the WHO Executive Board till the time investigation is complete. WHO Executive Board headed by Dr Harshvardhan must take this investigation in their own hands.

Dr Tedros and Michel Ryon have earlier betrayed the world by undertaking a “shady Visit of 2 unnamed animal biologist” on 07 Jul 20 to Wuhan for 3 weeks as a ‘holiday’ trip. Why was the identity of the two kept confidential from the world while the Chinese knew who they were? It is believed that the Chinese had guided them on what to see and what not. It is believed that something is fishy in the records of Wuhan hospital as well as the Wuhan virus P4 lab under Ms Shi Zhengli? World should demand an unhindered access to the present investigation team.

Many also feel that WHO Director General Dr Tedros was fully aware in the initial days of epidemic in Wuhan that the virus SARS CoV2 escaped from Wuhan Bio Warfare Lab P4. He knowingly delayed instituting investigation by the experts which was well within his rights but he did not perform his duty. He failed in his responsibility. It is not known whether he neglected the investigation as a favour (for cash or in kind) or he succumbed to the Chinese pressure. In the intervening period, the Chinese govt has had plenty of time to erase the most, if not all possible incriminating evidence that may link the virus to their Wuhan Lab. They have apparently done many layers of whitewash on it during their publication of a ‘white paper’ on the handling of the pandemic in China. They have done enough of self-patting their backs. However, the international community is largely convinced that the Chinese are trying to hide the facts. No one is ready to buy the argument that a virus which was apparently identified in the Covid patients on 07 Jan 20, could have been studied enough so as to reveal its genome on 09 Jan 20.

Getting genome takes months by even dedicated expert scientists. In a further 2 to Tango is a fact that the RT-PCR test kits were made commercially available to the Wuhan Hospitals by 16 Jan 20. No agency in world can develop and make the RT-PCR kit commercially available in 9 days as was apparent in Wuhan. Undoubtedly, the virus taken for genome study as well as the virus seeds for the development of the RT-PCR test kits must have been shared by the Wuhan Lab much before…may be in Nov 2019 itself after the first infection had come to the light on 17 Nov 2019 and thereafter regular inflow of such cases continued pouring-in. That is the only explanation in the entire gamut of the happenings. It is believed that Dr Tedros knows it all but was made to keep mum. Chinese authorities too kept the entire thing away from the public views. Wuhan doctor who was the whistle-blower for the raging epidemic, was understood to have been threatened by the administration. He later contracted Covid19 and died (or was he made to die?). Chinese authorities censored the social media hashtag “#WuhanSARS” and acted rigorously against anyone who shared information about the outbreak. The members of the WHO internal committees have openly expressed that the Chinese have held back much more information than they revealed to WHO. Most of the nations seeking transparent investigation in to Wuhan virus have indirectly or directly been cautioned or threatened incl Europe and Australia. When Australian foreign minister sought investigation, Chinese govt had warned them of serious economic consequences.

Now the WHO announcing a new team of investigators being permitted by the Chinese to look in to the “animal source” of the virus seems nothing for another eyewash. It is felt that WHO as well as WHO Executive Board is failing the international community in not seeking a detailed and transparent investigation in to the source of the pandemic. Amidst growing international pressure, the new investigation team will surely have the global gaze fixed on to them not to get bullied by the Chinese administration. Chinese seem to be in tizzy. In a renewed attempt to divert attention, they earlier blamed USA, Italy, other European nations and now on 29 Nov 20, they blamed the source of virus to be in India. Hence, the world community will expect the investigation team not to shift guaze from the Wuhan Lab amidst recent Chinese lies. All those who have lost their near and dears in the pandemic, over 1.4 million the world over, need to be compensated. This can be done only if a detailed investigation is carried out with 3 aim and objectives: -

a.Is the virus a natural one or modified in a lab that came out accidently or deliberately?

b.Did the agencies err in preventing its spread to the world through a timely isolation of Wuhan?

c.Do the Covid victims and nations suffering economic devastation deserve compensation?

Surely, the Chinese will like to prevent all such investigation. They will try to put all kinds of hurdles in tracking the virus link. They are scared of the fact that if found culpable, they may have to pay heavens as compensation as elaborated in the previous issue of this magazine (The Counterviews, issue 2:16, page-9). Their resistance could only be overcome through a proper approach as mentioned below:-

Firstly:Call for WHO Executive Board emergency meeting and pass a resolution for comprehensive investigation by an expert team of Epidemiologist, Virologist, Nuclear Biologist, Bio warfare experts, immunologist and community medicine experts. Passing this resolution should not be a problem in the 33-member Exec Board.

Secondly: The expert team should work under the supervision of the Executive board. If China tries to stall investigation, UN should be approached to suspend China from P5 till the time the investigation completes. It is believed that such provisions are available within the UN / UNSC charter.

WHO has earlier betrayed the world community by not being honest on investigating the pandemic which has devastated the world. International community also feels that WHO did not act in time to advise them to stop all physical contacts / trades with Wuhan that continued the Corona infection spread to the world. It is no more a Chinese affair as the pandemic has debilitated the humanity. The world has the right to investigate and decide on the culpability towards compensating the dead. So, it is hoped that this time, WHO will not betray the world and let the Chinese get away from their culpabilities by another “eyewash investigation”.

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