Chinese model of Islam

World Must Adopt Chinese model of Islam

(Note- Majority of Muslims the world-over are as peace-loving and religious as any other communities. However, radical groups among them are hateful and intolerant towards the believers of other faiths and religions, committing Jihad. The silence of the moderates to their crimes makes the entire community a suspect, with some exceptions though. This article must be read under these contexts.)

Amidst the growing Islamic fascism, the entire world is confronted with Islamic Jihad esp after Al-Baghdadi’s call for Global Islamic Caliphate in June 2014. This brought cheers from all radical Muslims of the world. Many volunteer Muslim groups announced their allegiance. He asked all Muslims “to erupt as volcanos of Jihad”. Most of the Islamic nations and their nationals covertly started providing funds to the jihadists. They believed that Muslims will prevail to proclaim a greater Islamic Caliphate extending from Rome & Spain in the west to the entire of Asia in the east encompassing the last of the Indonesian islands. The ugly face of Islamic fascism were on full display (read “New Islamo-Fascism in the world” In Islamic nations, they indulge in Jihad among themselves (different factions) that we see in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kurds, Sahel region and so on. In Islamic nations they are up on converting, displacing or killing the believers of other religions/faiths whom they call Kafirs through their age old war cry of “Convert, Flee or Die”.

One may wonder as to from where they get all these hate against others. The answer is straight forward…from Quran and Hadith, their religious books. There are at least 60 verses of Quran that are hateful and intolerant towards others (read “60 Hateful and Intolerant verses of Quran”;; and “Is Quran a source of Hate & Intolerance?” Amidst these hate and intolerance, genocides have been carried out in past, esp of Arabian Tribes (in 7th century), Christians (that led to Crussade-1), Parsis and Hindus in the medieval periods. In the modern times, the world witnessed Islamists carrying out genocides of Kashmiri Pandits (1990), Yezidis (2014) and the ongoing genocides of Hindus, Sikhs and Christians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Nigeria, CAR and the Middle-East (read Jeremy Hunts report, and so on.

Islamic intolerance is often equated like Cancer. If this disease is on your soil, it will slowly get rid of you if you don’t get rid of it (read “Britain Diseased with Islamic Cancer” This is how they have been proliferating, often uncontrolled; at a rate 150-200% of the native faiths/religions. Muslims are tolerant if <5% of the population. More than 9%, they start separatism, intolerance & mob violence of Jihad. Once they cross a threshold of 40% population, they turn the state into Islamic nations (57 by now) where all others have to pay Jajya for safety from the Islamic demons in own land. Hence, all nations must prevent such Islamic barbarism on their land and in that respect, China has taken an effective step in containing Islamic Jihad on its land.

China is viewed as a repressive State for various reasons. The Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) occupied East Turkestan in October 1949. By this time, the province had already become Muslim majority through Islamic repressions of Jihad. The Islamists exterminated the fewer left over Hindus of the Kushan period, the predominant Buddhists of 7th century and the Mongols & Hans of 10th to the early 20th century. They had declared independence from the Haan and Hui imposing Islam. However, after the Chinese independence in 1949, the CCP rubbished the Radical Muslims and started resettling Han and some other clans in the region. As a result, what was nearly 90% Muslims in 1949, is believed to have been diluted down to 55-60% by now. Unlike many parts of the world where Muslims have proliferated (some comparing it with cancer), the percentage of Muslims has reduced in Xinjiang over many decades.

Of late, several antagonists of China have been raising voices against the Human Rights situation in Xinjiang. China has been resisting any investigation or fact finding mission of reported genocide in these provinces. For the first time, UNHRC Chief, Ms Michelle Bachelet visited Xinjiang. However, Chinese orchestrated her visit in such way that she found nothing and then the Chinese media went whangho, with propaganda…of no HR abuses in China…be it Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong or elsewhere. However, all said about Chinese repression of Uyghur Muslims, it is a hard fact that Islamic intolerance and radicalism is the root cause of Islamic terrorism, something that China will never allow…and many agree with this rationale. It may be prudent to examine the history of Xinjiang.

History of increasing Islamic Radicalism in Xinjiang

The ancient name of Xinjiang in 2nd century BC was Kashgar under ‘Kushan Empire’ mostly inhabited by the ‘Yuezhi’—a loose confederation of Indo-European people. At least the part of Yuezhi had Dravidian spoken Tamil written in ‘Kharoshthi’ script that resembles the modern Chinese. Buddhism spread from India when king ‘Kanishka’ had the most glorious reign extending from Bukhara (now in Uzbekistan) in the west to Patliputra in the Ganges (Ganga) plains in the east; from the Pamirs mountain range (now in Tajikistan) in the north to central India in the south. He may have subjugated the kings of the city-states of Khotan (now Hotan), Kashgar and Yarkand (now Xinjiang) of the Han emperors of China (

Kushan Empire extending to Kasgar

Kushan Empire extending to Kasgar

The Uighurs and remaining Yuezhis & Hans of East Turkestan and Gandhar suffered a lot in the coming centuries, under Chenghez Khan and his son Kublai Khan who ruled from year 1211 to 1678. Later when Islam came from the Arabian Peninsula, a repressive rule prevailed. In the ensuing period, non-Muslims were either converted, made to flee or killed…just as it happens in any other Islamic States with their motto of “Convert, Flee or Die”.

Religious history of Xinjiang

Uighur Muslims pressed Islamic nationalist agenda successfully twice to obtain freedom from China once from 1933 to 34 and again from 1944 to 49. Thereafter, the Chinese got the total hold on them curtailing their radical activities, jailed the terrorist elements and started diluting the Muslim majority by sending the central Haan people. Some Hui Muslims who don’t believe in radicalism, also were sent to settle in. The native Uyghur Muslims have been reduced to 2nd rated citizen esp after 9/11 terrorist attack in US. They have been grouped with the terrorists as many of them had acquired terror training in Pakistan & Afghanistan, presently carrying out terrorist acts in Afghanistan and Kashmir. Many Uighur Muslims were bodyguards of Osama Bin Laden. As per Chinese ambassador to Syria, almost 5000 of them were believed to have joined ISIS. East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) were known to be Jihadi outfits banned by the UN, with their leaders hiding in Pakistan.

Chinese Model of Islam

After Islamic Jihadists carried out 9/11 attacks on USA, Chinese Govt became very suspicious of Islamic intent in Xinjiang, of Jihadi disruptions elsewhere in the world. They also realized that the actual hate and intolerance of Islam lay in their Quran, Hadith and other Islamic. After the US global war on terror post 9/11, the Chinese govt stopped Madrasas education, prayers in mosques and Quranic religious teaching to citizen below the age of 18 yrs (, pp-27). The Friday sermons (Khutbas) by the clerics are pre-screened to check for any Jihadi contents and then only cleared. A CCP representative is often present during those Khutbas to ensure the Mullahs don’t deviate from the contents. All Islamic clerics undergo a background check and no foreign imams are permitted. Muslim bigotry against the non-Muslims is inscribed in Quran and that showed up in Xinjiang too…against the fellow Han minority in 1940s & 50s. Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Pakistan are clandestinely supporting Islamic radicalism in Xinjiang hence, the Chinese govt has adopted tough measures against the radical Uyghur Muslims. In May 2014, China launched its ‘Strike Hard Campaign against Violent Terrorism’ in Xinjiang region. This campaign targets anyone who the state believes challenges Chinese State, patriotism, state security, ethnic unity and social stability. Experts on the matters of radical Islam feel that the govt actions that may seem repressive against radical Islam, may be justified.

Education of the Muslims is strictly supervised to prevent radicalization right from childhood. CCP is convinced that Quranic teaching is highly discriminatory, hateful and intolerant to non-Muslims. These Quranic verses in tender minds may have immense consequences. Hence, home or madrasa education of Quran esp for the age group below 18 is prohibited. Madrasas are illegal. All children before the age of 18 must undergo a compulsory 9 yr public education in govt schools essentially to assimilate with Chinese and Haan culture. Bow-heading under Chinese flag is a must. Arabic language is forbidden. Hence, Quran in Arabic is a rare commodity in China. Quranic teaching (esp Friday Khutba) is pre-screened to remove any radical content, is for adults above 18 yrs only. Islamic teachers are especially monitored both during recruitment and teaching and punished if they teach anything that may radicalize the community.

Most of the adults educated in any Madrasa or Islamic nations, are picked-up to de-radicalise in the “education and transformation training centres”(教育转化培训中心) or “Counter-extremism Training Schools”(去极端化培训班) for months or years…depending how quickly they give-up their radical beliefs. It is believed upto 1 million Uyghurs and other Muslims were forced to undergo ‘patriotic education’ in re-education camps. Such camps will be extremely useful in India where apparently 30 million Muslims are believed to be unpatriotic, anti-nationals, Islamic Radicals/extremists supporting Jihad.

China (and CCP) is an atheist state. Following the Cultural Revolution (1966-76) all religious traditions, rituals and acts were prohibited to remove any challenge to a new emerging concept of Maoism. There was a deep dissatisfaction among the nationals that made the state to give-in…in 1978 with guarantees of "freedom of religion" through article 36.

Despite giving religious freedom to choose, China recognizes only 5 religions of Buddhism (225-250 million), Christianity (70-90 million Catholics and Protestants), Islam (15-20 million)and Taoism registered. Muslims are registered with the Islamic Association of China (IAC) and adhere to the Regulations on Religious Affairs (RRA) which require them to ‘integrate religious doctrines into Chinese culture’ and to adapt to ‘Chinese Cultural Traditions’, a process which is often referred to as ‘sinicization’. This largely minimizes radical flouting of beards, skull cap or hijab/burqa in public.

Keeping Radical Behaviour under Check

CCP has been careful not to allow radicalism in its soil. As a result, there is no Roman hold on the Churches nor the Arabic orientation in the mosques. Buddhism originating from Hinduism is known to be a religion of peace hence, not under much scrutiny except that number of monks are limited. Since the teachings of Quran is overtly communal, at places challenging the authority of State, radical Muslims have been kept in check. Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Regulations on De-esterification, brought laws in 2017 and amended in 2018 wherein parents have been barred from giving Islamic names to their children. Uyghur Muslims are encouraged to eat non-halaal meat, pork, drink alcohol and Islamic verbal exchanges like ‘Salam-ala-kum, Alla-hu-Akbar’ etc in public. They are also discouraged performing traditional Islamic burial rites, Islamic marriages, growing long beards, fasting during Ramadan, wearing hijabs and making pilgrimages to Mecca. Approximately 18000 mosques, also known as incubators for Islamic “extremism” have been destroyed in Xinjiang alone since 2017. Mosques are required to hoist the national flag; post copies of the Chinese Constitution, laws and regulations; removal of Arabic calligraphy, minarets, domes and star-and-crescent and other symbols deemed “foreign”. ‘Azans’ are strictly prohibited from the mosques. Under the ‘Pair Up and Become a Family’ Program (‘jiedui renqin’), CCP cadres are sent to stay in the homes of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang to monitor any radical or terror intent and indoctrinate in Chinese traditions. The public servants in Xinjiang are assigned families that they must visit and stay with regularly (for details, read

Proliferation of Muslims

In today’s world, Radical Islam is often considered a disease like Cancer, proliferating uncontrolled. While Muslims are rapidly increasing their population in the world, almost 150-200% rapidly as considered to the other natives, China has kept it in check. Even after the govt has relaxed the one child policy, they keep strict vigil on the Muslim population. They check population growth of Muslims through measures to reduce the birth rates. Their women are subjected to pregnancy checks, intrauterine devices, unconsented sterilization and even abortions. If they don’t comply with the birth control measures or have too many children, they are sent to detention. These measures have gradually brought down the percentage of Muslims in Xinjiang from >80 in 1950s to nearly <60% by now. Overall, Muslim population in China is kept <2%.

Acceptability of Chinese Model of Islam

The best part of the Chinese model of Islam is that the religious repressions mentioned above are not objected by even the most radical Islamic states like Saudi, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Malaysia, Qatar, Turkey or the others. Till now, OIC has not condemned China for the poor treatment meted out to the Uyghur Muslims. Even our Kashmiri Muslims are Ok with the Chinese model (remember Farooq Abdulla saying he will prefer China after the abrogation of Art 370?). In Oct 2022, UN incl the Islamic nations (OIC) rejected a proposal to discuss the genocide of Uyghur Muslims. Hence, the Chinese model of Islam has wide acceptance.

Today, Radical Islam is posing a grave danger to any nation where their population has increased beyond 9% or so. France, Sri Lanka, Guinea, Gabon, Burundi, Madagascar, Congo, Kenya etc are obvious examples of it. Beyond this proportion, they tend to develop mob mentality and become threats to others.

It could be safely concluded that while Radical Islam possesses a threat to several non-Islamic nations the world over, China has effectively kept them under check…both in preventing their proliferation as well as restricting their intolerance and bigotry towards other. The Chinese model of Islam has prevented any growth of Islamic terrorism in China. The measures adopted by the Chinese against their Muslims are acceptable even to the Islamic nations. Hence, it may be appropriate for India and similar nations facing Islamic Jihad to adopt the Chinese model.

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