A scared Zelensky

Zelensky’s Internal Threats and his Survival

Today, on 18 July 2022, a news came that President Volodymyr Zelensky has suspended the head of Ukraine's spy agency and the prosecutor general, citing cases of treason. In the recent weeks and months, he has expressed doubts and suspicions on several of his close colleagues, leaders as well as national envoys abroad and sacked/suspended many of them. It is an open debate in the international media that Zelensky is increasingly becoming apprehensive, fearful and insecure…of being assassinated. This is mainly because larger sections of his own population has started realizing that in the ongoing war, their President is sacrificing the interest of Ukraine and Ukrainians for the sake of his own ego and to win the favours of NATO (read “Zelenskyy Sacrificing Ukraine in NATO’s Game Plan” https://articles.thecounterviews.com/articles/zelenskyy-sacrificing-ukraine-in-nato-game-plan/). Zelensky has become merely a pone on a ‘war-chessboard’ where NATO and Russia are fighting their wars but in the process Ukrainian civilians and their civilisations are getting sacrificed. It is highly deplorable and inhuman on part of Putin to continue with this unwanted war (read “Russian game plan in Ukraine” https://articles.thecounterviews.com/articles/russian-game-plan-in-ukraine-and-its-repercussions/). Even more condemnable is for the UNSC for its repeated failure to enforce a cease-fire (read “Failure of the UN in ensuring world peace”https://articles.thecounterviews.com/articles/failure-of-the-un-ensuring-world-peace/).

Zelensky could only be termed foolhardy at the best. As per an estimate, he has sacrificed the lives of lakhs of civilians by compelling them to pick-up arms and fire on the intruding Russians from own apartments. Zelensky himself acknowledges that more than 3000 cruise & ballistic missiles have fallen on Ukrainian civil/semi military targets. It is sure that all civil targets would have been inhabited by civilians. A cruise/ballistic missile can kill almost every one within 50-meter radius. God only knows how many civilians would have been killed by missiles alone. In addition, there have been aerial bombs, rockets, artillery bombs, RPGs, bullets and so on…all killing the humanity. Twelve major cities and about 70 smaller towns have been totally destroyed. It is frightening to guess the casualties. A conservative estimate puts it at approx. 10 lakhs…and all this lives lost for what? To become a pet of EU and NATO (read “ Foresight of NATO(Europe) wins over NATO(USA)” https://articles.thecounterviews.com/articles/foresight-of-nato-europe-wins-over-nato-us/)? It is unimaginable how foolish Zelensky could be in not realizing their war games. It is natural that the voice of dissent is now getting louder and louder, the more prominent of such voices are getting suppressed by him through the sacking and dismissals that is seen in his actions.

By now, it has become clear that there is nothing for Zelensky to continue sacrificing Ukrainians in this war. Donbas is already gone and Crimea can never be reclaimed. The military has largely been annihilated with a few thousand left and those fighting the war are largely the mercenaries, foreign volunteers and civilians. In addition, Ukraine is at very high risk of becoming a land-locked nation if the Russians extend their operations to Odesa. Then access to all ports in the Black Sea will be cut-off. The cost of the present war on Ukraine will be immense. Surely, Russians too have lost a great deal of men and materials but that should bring no comfort to the millions of Ukrainians. They have lost their lives and millions injured and disabled; loss of human resources, valuable habitat, precious cities and civic services; destroyed infrastructures and above all, their women and children living in unknown territories, numerous many being exploited in flesh trades. The UN, UNHRC, UNHCR…all are by and large, mum to their plights. The overall losses both human and materials are monumental. The human losses also include the mental traumas and denied developmental support to the entire generation…of education, learnings, health, family welfare and so on. The economy of the country is at its knees in the absence of productivity, manufacturing and exports. Whatever little aid and support is coming, is mostly the military equipment that is of no use to the civilians…AND…NATO and USA will try to keep this flame burning at the cost of Ukrainian land, lives and assets. It suits them well.

Zelensky had sent the Ukrainian women and children to the neighboring nations with assurances that they will be safely taken care of by those govts and soon they will return to join their near and dear but that didn’t happen. Those wives, daughters and sisters are unsafe and being exploited and with their destroyed habitats in dozens of cities, chances of their return to their near and dear at least in the foreseeable future, are very bleak. It is another fact that nearly a million of men fighting the Russians are feared killed. The revolt within Ukraine is natural and very much expected.

The internal anger and revolt will only grow in the coming weeks and months. If the conflict/war history of the world could be of any lesson, Zelensky will surely be the first target of his own nationals. In the coming days the world will witness more and more alienated, fearful, insecure and scared Zelensky trying to survive in own homeland that he and only he has destroyed the once beautiful nation into ruins for own ego. It is quite possible that he may flee or migrate for own survival…BUT…the prospects of his safety in Ukraine seems to be limited.

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