Mosaic of this issue

1-31 July 2021; Issue 3:07

-Islamic Intolerance, Bigotry & Fascism and the Global Caliphate.

-Fact-Sheet of Modi 2.0

-सम्पादकीय : "आज के जरा और जरासंध"

-The new Kashmir Initiative

-Origin of Corona Virus and the Chinese culpability

-Who will pay the cost of Covid19

-Supply Chain Management model of Indian Army : By Maj Gen R Kochhar

-Science & Technologies:-

Newer Technology Missiles in India Agni-Prime

A new Photographic Art of Space Science

Adventure of Commercial Sub-Orbital Space Flights

-सोचो समझो जागो

-चलते चलाते :'बूझो तो जानूँ'